2020 Instagram Bingo Boards Highlight Shared Quarantine Experiences


As we “Zoom” into 2021, it’s time to look back on the year that was 2020. Actually, scratch that. It’s time to say “good riddance” to this unmitigated disaster of a year and to recap our shared experiences. (And yes, by “experiences,” we mean trauma.) These 2020 Instagram bingo cards should do the trick!

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If you’ve started using TikTok, binge-watched Tiger King, livestreamed a concert, or attended a Zoom happy hour, you already have a head-start on the bingo charts below.

2020 bingo: Have you cut your own hair? Hoarded toilet paper? Remodeled a room in your house?

Source: Instagram

In one popular 2020 bingo card on Instagram, these are the spaces:

  • Zoom happy hour
  • Bought a tie-dye sweatshirt
  • Joined in a car parade
  • Baked bread
  • Learned a TikTok dance
  • Became a homeschool teacher
  • Socially-distanced driveway hang
  • Went on a summer vacation
  • Went to a wedding
  • Canceled a trip
  • Binge-watched Tiger King

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  • Watched a livestream concert
  • Bought at least five different face masks
  • Cut your own hair
  • Remodeled a room in your house
  • Bought a blow-up pool for the backyard
  • Zoom game night
  • Hoarded toilet paper
  • Became your own bartender
  • Ordered groceries online
  • Took a mask selfie
  • Binge-watched a TV series
  • Coughed in public and felt bad about it
  • Read a book you bought a few years ago

Have you messed up your sleep schedule? Forgotten what month it was? Gotten an email from a company about the COVID precautions they’re taking?

This bingo card — credited by Instagram user @delanieq — is another alternative. (“The worst kind of bingo game, but I GOT A BINGO!” one user wrote.)

  • Messed up your sleep schedule
  • Lost a job/got a new one
  • Got COVID-tested
  • Voted
  • Got engaged
  • Endured a natural disaster
  • Watched Tiger King
  • Got COVID
  • Had a baby
  • Got a stimulus check
  • Forgot what month it was

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  • Slept through a Zoom meeting
  • Learned a TikTok dance
  • Coughed and got scared
  • Store ran out of bleach, GermX, or toilet paper
  • Switched to online classes
  • Got an email from a company about the COVID precautions they’re taking
  • Graduated high school
  • Online grocery-shopped
  • Are an essential worker
  • Got pregnant
  • Canceled big plans
  • Got married
  • Had a mental breakdown

Have you watched ‘Hamilton’? Planted a garden? Wore the same outfit two or more days in a row?

Illustrator Hannah Conrad of StudioOneFourTwo made this cute bingo board. (Special props for the “Called out a Karen” space!)

  • Voted
  • Bought cute masks
  • Downloaded Zoom
  • Attended a protest
  • Worked from home
  • Downloaded TikTok
  • Lost my job
  • Didn’t catch COVID
  • Watched Hamilton
  • Quarantine haircut
  • Asked for help
  • Planted a garden
  • Adopted a pet
  • Virtual graduation
  • All the takeout
  • Called out a Karen
  • Watched a virtual concert
  • Became an activist
  • Tried something new
  • Figured out virtual school
  • Had a socially distanced wedding
  • Wore the same outfit for two or more days
  • Stocked up on hand sanitizer
  • Spent time in nature

What’s the prize for anyone who gets a bingo? With any luck, a less calamitous 2021!


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