7 Smart Ways to Boost Attendance at Your Next Business Conference

You’ve got a big business conference coming up that will rock your industry to its core. But you need to make sure plenty of people actually attend if you want that conference to have the impact you expect. That means you need to know how to promote your big business conference with both style and substance.

Good news: there are seven easy ways you can promote your next business conference and improve attendance through both online and in-person promotions.

Post on Social Media

For starters, be sure to get on social media and begin posting regularly in the lead-up to your big business conference. Specifically, you should post at least once per week to make sure your profiles are favored by social media platform algorithms.

You should also ensure that your social media profiles have the same (and correct) information regarding the conference, its start time, its address, and all of the relevant information. Posting on social media is the best way to spread the word, to as many people as possible, that you have a great conference coming up and that you want them to attend.

You can make your social media posts engaging and attractive by including digital posters – whip up a few great-looking ones with free poster makers from PosterMyWall. Try to include links to your conference website and sign-up sheet on your social media profiles, too.

Put Up Posters in Your Local Area

Don’t discount the power of in-person promotions, too! Specifically, you should put up some posters with your conference’s date, time, and location around your local area, especially if your conference is designed to attract a specific niche group of people.

For example, if you have an upcoming tech conference, put up posters at the local university, at the tech business park, and in similar areas. Luckily, you don’t need to have a graphic design degree to put together some great conference posters. Use online conference poster templates, then print out your posters quickly and easily.

Send Out Announcement Emails

Sit back down at the computer and send out announcement emails to everyone in your email newsletter list (if applicable). For example, if your big business conference is supposed to draw a lot of business partners or vendors for your organization or industry, try to send out announcement emails about the business conference to everyone on your list.

Don’t have a lot of emails quite yet? Get a bunch of emails by requiring them for your business’s loyalty program, to sign up for the conference itself, and more. Note that you can also send regular reminder emails to people on your newsletter list as your conference draws nearer to remind them of the upcoming date.

Social Media Countdowns

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, can be great vehicles for counting down to your big business conference. You can and should count down to the major event as it approaches. Why?

For one, it drums up anticipation for the big business conference and helps to make current attendees more excited (which in turn makes them less likely to bail or flake). For another, it helps to inspire potential attendees currently on the fence to sign up and commit – after all, they don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to attend your conference when the deadline is fast approaching!

Host a Live Stream

If you have an online audience, consider hosting a live stream about some of the subjects that’ll be discussed at your big business conference. In the middle or at the end, you can include a plug for the business conference coming up, plus include the date, time, and location information.

You can even use your livestreaming or videoconferencing software to plug the conference website or sign-up sheet, thus getting more people to commit to attending than before.

Contact Industry Influencers

Depending on the industry or business your conference focuses on, you might be able to contact industry influencers and get them to spread the word about your upcoming event for you. Industry influencers can do this by:

  • Making social media posts
  • Making blog posts on their own websites
  • Announcing your conference and linking to it on their email newsletters
  • And more

Try a Few Paid Ads

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to put out a few paid advertisements using Google Ads. These can be very advantageous if your big business conference is supposed to draw many hundreds or thousands of people, as Google Ads may allow you to reach a wider potential audience than you could otherwise.

Overall, promoting your business conference means announcing and counting down to the big event in as many ways as possible. Don’t forget to use free and effective poster templates to make your conference posters and other marketing materials look as engaging as possible!



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