A ‘New Deal’ from Biden will bail out NYC, de Blasio says

Mayor de Blasio is hoping a federal stimulus package akin to FDR’s New Deal will help curtail crime in the Big Apple, he said Monday.

Speaking to NY1’s Errol Louis, Hizzoner said if Joe Biden is elected president, New Yorkers should expect a stimulus deal that will help get the city “back on its feet” and combat a spike in murders, shootings and burglaries.

“If Joe Biden’s elected president, the most likely time for a major stimulus is February, and I’m thinking along the lines of the New Deal, and he’s obviously talking about emulating FDR,” the mayor said.

“The second we have that New York City’s in a position to address a whole host of issues, avert layoffs, but also to do a lot of positive things,” he added.

The mayor also said a coronavirus vaccine that is expected in a matter of months will help reboot the city’s economy — and drive crime down.

“The faster people get that vaccine, the more we turn around our economy in our city, the faster we get back to normal. So these are the more essential factors to me and I’m hopeful,” he said.

Crime statistics cited by Louis and released Monday show the city has continued a troubling rise in crime, with murders rising 37.2 percent over the last 10 months compared to the previous year.

The city logged 137 shootings in October, compared to 62 in October of last year, according to the stats.

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