Amazon Web Services pinned down acquisition of an open source project without giving credit to its author

AWS on Thursday announced a new product called CloudWatch Synthetics Recorder. This is a Chrome extension to help developers create canaries, by recording actions (clicks and keystrokes) to create the script.

“Canaries are modular, lightweight scripts that you can configure to run on a schedule to monitor your endpoints and APIs from outside to inside. Canary emulates the same functions as the user, which allows you to continuously monitor your user experience, ”the company explains.

However, as pointed out by developer Tim Nolet, the CloudWatch synthetics recorder is a fork in its own project, the Headless Recorder. He mentioned it the next day on Twitter, remembering that the Apache 2.0 license is acceptable, but properly crediting an author is the least of things, and not just the bottom of a text file.

Matt Ed, the manager of AWS, responded immediately. He indicated that he was not aware but was looking into the matter. A little later, Nolet tweeted that the negotiations were in progress and a solution was likely to be found.

Above all, the incident once again drew attention to AWS and its open source strategy. Several developers participated in the conversation on Twitter, citing a company that primarily uses free technologies without having to participate in it themselves.

Aceh replied that the company has been involved in many, many projects (including Redis, GraphQL and Open Telemetry), but is not in the “sarcastic” tradition, prompting some sarcastic comments.

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