3 best offline Android games like PUBG under 100 MB

Are you looking for offline Android games like PUBG under 100 MB? You like to play PUBG but sometimes its needs do not be matched? Confused? Go through the article below and find out games like PUBG.

PUBG is one of the most renowned names in the Battle Royale gaming industry. And yes there was a wave of sadness when it got banned. PUBG Corporation has resolved the issue by introducing PUBG Mobile Indian Version. Although PUBG is unbeatable and uncomparable still there are a few things in PUBG that make players go for other options. In this article, I am going to share the best offline Android games under 100 MB.

Why there is a need to look for alternatives?

The Actual Reason

PUBG has got a complete shut down from India. The PUBG mobile Indian version is on the way and may soon arrive according to sources but what till then? It’s difficult for players to fill up their spare gaming time. So, till PUBG mobile Indian version will arrive, you can try its alternatives.

Some more reasons

PUBG is a good battle royale game based on survival of the fittest scenario. The games have many good features like special dinner, character and weapon customization, colorblind support, etc. Below are some reasons to go for PUBG alternatives.

1) High memory requirement

PUBG requires 2 GB of memory on your device and hence will not work for lesser memory devices.

2) Updated system

The game would need up to date Android system and hence not work well with Old devices.  So, if you have a recent or new device PUBG will work fine, and otherwise not.

Keeping in view these things, you could understand PUBG creates a different circle of people who can play the game and not all. So there is a need for its alternatives that require less space and works well with older android as well.

Best offline Android games like PUBG under 100 MB

There are a lot of games on the playstore with a similar genre but here I bring a few best for you. Out of these few, you can choose the best suits you. So, below are the alternatives.

1) Survival Battleground Free Fire

Survival Battleground Free fire is the best offline shooting game and becomes the top real shooter of the 3D FPS game. Here you are Critical Strike classic hardcore and well-trained military battlefield force in this Firing Squad battle strike battleground games. Use different military weapons and survive till the last to become the winner. It’s amazing features are:

  1. Real-world map
    Target shooting weapons
    Impossible missions
    Map free survival fire battleground
    Clear royale Graphics
  2. Real-time battlegrounds
    Military vehicles
  • Size: 85 Mb
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up

2) Grand Battle Royale

It is just like the above-described games, so if the military is your taste, you can go for it. Survive battlegrounds, improve shooting skills, and develop your PVP tactics by playing this amazing game. Players in this are sent without arms and they have to find their own arms to kill enemies. Its amazing features are

  • Battle as a blocky character and show your own style of gameplay.
  • Survive gun games against other players.
  • Hard PVP gameplay against players.
  • Search, collect, and survive. The guns will appear randomly, so search thoroughly.
  • Size: 47 Mb
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up

3) PVP shooting Battle 2020

This is the best third-person shooting game. The game is available in offline and online modes. More than 20 offline missions, new missions are added every week for better gaming. The game has very good graphics with easy controls. This mobile PVP shooting game provides you a free-to-play multiplayer battle experience on mobile. So, get, grab, and complete the missions. Its features are:

  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Thrilling sound effects
  • Many powerful and modern armors
  • Realistic shooting effect
  • Size: varies
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up

Final words

Well, players! This is all about offline Android games like PUBG under 100 MB. I hope you like it! Some other names are Free squad Survival Battlegrounds and Giant.io.

Share your feedback. Share names of more games better than this list, we would love to update. Thank you!

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