Are ‘Black Ink Crew’ Stars Donna and Alex Still Together?


When Black Ink Crew, a VH1 series that follows the day-to-day operations of a tattoo shop, hit the air, it quickly drew a following thanks to the interesting people that worked at the shop. There is drama at every corner, which makes for great television, and when two of the favorites confirmed a relationship together, it definitely helped the ratings. But, are Donna and Alex still together? Here’s what we know.

Are Donna and Alex still together after meeting on ‘Black Ink Crew’?

Tattoo artist Alex Robinson joined the show and the shop in Season 6 and that’s when he first met Donna  Lombardi, who also worked at the shop. Their relationship started off some drama that could have taken things a different direction. Instead, they ended up together and quickly became one of the show’s most loved pairings. 

Viewers first got hint that there was something between these two when a video of them went viral on social media. Donna was in a relationship with Moe but she found herself having what looked like an intimate moment in a bathroom alone with Alex, which someone happened to catch on video.

Long story short, that video went viral, Moe was mad as heck, and Alex stood by Donna and didn’t pass judgements on her at all. Instead, he told her that he had feelings for her. And the two became an item.  

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Their relationship was a storyline on the show for a while, and they seemed to be happily in love. Fans grew attached to them as a couple, but things got weird for them at work. Then their relationship began to see a strain. Now, people aren’t sure if they’re together or what’s going on. 

The two were doing so well together that they got engaged. All should have been happy in their world, but unfortunately something went sideways.  

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According to Urban Belle Magazine, the couple have put their engagement on hiatus, which came after Alex posted a public apology to Donna. According to a screenshot captured by the magazine, Alex also made it known that he was not going to share why he was apologizing, saying in the caption, “Don’t ask what I did, just know I’ma do better!!” 

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The photo that accompanied the caption read, “I want to sincerely apologize to Donna for not being the man that I was when we first started dealing with each other. I’ve been dishonest, lacked communication amongst other situations and I just wanna say that I’m sorry & I will be the man that I’m destined to be & give you the world that you deserve. I love you Big Mama.”

The image is no longer on his Instagram profile, but the magazine reported Donna replied to the apology, writing in the comment section, “I love you and I know we can be everything.”

Not long after that, during an interview with Black Ink Crew Chicago, Donna said that her engagement is “on hiatus.”

She added, “We’re still fiancées, I guess, right? Are we?”

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Alex didn’t seem willing to speak much about it, only offering, “You tell me because you’re the one that’s coming up with all of this at this point.”

All of that went down in November 2019, and while they don’t seem to be moving too quickly toward getting married, the two are still together and engaged. On Dec. 8, Alex was on Instagram for Black Ink Crew and critiqued his fellow tattoo artists’ work, including a cover up Donna did. 

It seems they’re still very much together, but they’re not in much of a rush to get married, which is OK!


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