Are Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Together? ‘Bling Empire’ Star Says…

“The Asians are here…!”

Netflix dropped its highly anticipated new reality series Bling Empire, which follows a group of real-life Asian and Asian-American besties living a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles. 

“It really is the real-life version of Crazy Rich Asians. It’s a peek into the life of my friends and me in Los Angeles,” cast member Kelly Mi Li exclusively told Distractify about the unscripted show. “It’s really fun. It’s funny; it’s sexy. It’s also very intimate and vulnerable.”

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The media and production company exec teased the drama-filled series, which includes a season-long storyline revolving around a penis pump, as well as her relationship status with on-again off-again boyfriend Andrew Gray. 

Buckle up, Bling Empire viewers are in for a wild ride.

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‘Bling Empire’: Are Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray still together? (EXCLUSIVE)

While Kelly admits she’s not at the forefront of a lot of drama, her storyline is really about her relationship with Andrew and “finding love and getting to know ourselves at a deeper level.”

The Netflix star revealed to Distractify that showing her real-life relationship issues was a “scary process.”

“In the Asian culture, you don’t air out your dirty laundry … whatever happens at home it’s supposed to stay inside,” she said. “So, for us, it was just the dynamic of me and Andrew’s relationship. Most people didn’t know how difficult it was at times. People kind of see the happy moments of us when we’re out, but there’s a lot of difficult times.”

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Source: Netflix

So, are Kelly and Andrew still together? The television personality stayed mum on the topic, but she did tease: “There’s definitely a lot of cliffhangers [in the finale] … I guess we have to find out if me and Andrew make it or not.”

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Kelly Mi Li opens up about “trauma” in Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire.’

While it may be scary to let the world take a look inside your private life, Kelly revealed that cameras actually made the cast of Bling Empire more “vulnerable.”

In Season 1, she and Andrew open up about personal issues, telling us that the pair deal with “a lot of trauma” from their past in the series. 

“Andrew talks about growing up in an alcoholic, abusive family. He also talks about [his] very absent mother who wasn’t there very much of his time,” the television producer told Distractify

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Source: Netflix

Additionally, Kelly told us that she opened up to cameras about dealing with her father’s absence. “My dad left my mom and me when I was 10 years old. He couldn’t ‘stay in the U.S.’ because he wanted to go back to his high position job in China. He didn’t want to struggle. His ego as a man couldn’t let him struggle,” she said. “We all deal with a lot … and the past shapes how we are today.”

The Bling Empire personality also tells audiences about her first marriage, telling Distractify: “I was married before and the guy I was married to committed one of the biggest cyber scams in American history, so bringing that up is scary.”

Bling Empire Season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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