Are Tayshia and Zac Still Together? Everyone Is Rooting for Them on Season 16 of ‘The Bachelorette’


Another record-scratching Season 16 Bachelorette moment recently unfurled and now we need to unpack all the details together. Bachelorette spoiler king, Reality Steve, recently blogged about how Tayshia and Zac will end up together, since Brendan supposedly self-eliminated. At the time, it was thought that Brendan’s family didn’t show for the hometowns which made people think he self-eliminated, but it was actually just his parents who didn’t show. His brother, sister-in-law, and niece all show up.

Plus, Ben gets eliminated at #4, not Brendan. Last night, we ultimately learned that the final three are Zac, Brendan, and Ivan. Although it’s being predicted that Tayshia will choose Zac in the finale, that may not be the case anymore, and wow it’s been one heck of a season. But still  — after all this spoiler whiplash, Tayshia and Zac could end up together, and people are speculating about the match, regardless.

Are Tayshia and Zac still together?

A lot of fans agree that Tayshia and Zac have really amazing chemistry, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Tayshia gives Zac the rose and it turns out these two end up together. In fact, Tayshia and Zac jumping into the fountain to make out might be the most romantic moment of 2020 (not that we have a lot to choose from, but still). Plus, Tayshia has confirmed that Zac is husband material when asked who had more of it. “I feel like all of them. But probably Zac,” Tayshia said. 

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So, yeah. It’s looking like Tayshia is going to pick Zac, but anything is possible. During the episode on December 8, Tayshia did defend her decision to admit she was falling in love with Zac, saying “You know, I did do something that usually you’re not supposed to kind of do, just because you don’t want to say it to too many people. But at the same time, I’m there to find my person. So if that’s what I’m feeling, then I felt like, why not say it?”

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“Honestly I think Zac and Tayshia have the most passion for each other, by far. She had chemistry galore with Brendan at first but it never grew. Her and Ivan have a great vibe but it seems more friendly than loving. And Ben is too complicated emotionally,” one Bachelorette fan posed.

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“I’m a major Zac and Tayshia fan. There’s something incredibly magical when the family can see exactly what they mean to each other,” another person tweeted.

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“Tayshia and Zac. End of story. Everyone else can go home. We don’t need next week’s episodes. Nothing can change my mind,” one Twitter user wrote.

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But not all are Zac and Tayshia shippers. Some think she’ll pull a total “plot twist!” moment and not choose Zac even though he seems to be winning her heart over the most. Is it deliberate editing? Is there something we’re not seeing? Is it TOO obvious of a match?

The Season 16 finale of The Bachelorette is airing December 21 and 22 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.


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