Asus Wants Gamers in India to Join ROG Academy: Become a professional esports player

Gaming has taken a turn to success, especially during pandemics. ASUS ROG academy has created a virtual platform for gamers who want to be professional ones. It aims at enabling users in India to show their gaming skills and getting a chance to be e-sport professionals. ASUS and AFK gaming together choose 6 players out of all participated contestants to be a part of ROG academy. IN the academy the players will be assigned under mentors who will teach and train them to represent ASUS ROG locally as well as globally.

It is a one-year program divided into four quarters. on the very first go, the company is going to pick the very famous game  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The registration to be a part of the academy will start from February 1 to February 10.

The process is not a cakewalk, the players have to go through a proper selection process to be in the top 6. As per the sources, the final six players will be given Rs. 1,00,000 after successfully completing their three-month training. They will also get a stipend of Rs. 15,000 along with a bonus on monthly basis during the training.

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  • The basic age criteria to take part in the competition is 16 years or above.
  • Phase 1 of the selection process will involve a trial to determine a player’s skills in CounterStrike: GlobalOffensive. There will be a robust and thorough theoretical and practical analysis. The first level will be an online selection form that involves questions based on the role they choose (sniper, IGL, rifle).
  • 50 candidates will be shortlisted and as part of Phase 2 and will have to play CS: GO in mixed teams on a server hosted on SoStronK. Marzil and the team from SoStronk will assess the players who will then be shortlisted to 20.
  • Then, there will be a mini-tournament to assess how the players perform in a competitive space. And, a jury consisting of the CEO of AFK Gaming, Arnold from Asus, and the CEO of SoStronK will judge the secondary aspects of the players. Six people will then be selected from the 20 candidates.

To be a part of the Online Test, the players must have a system and a reliable network connection.

If you are very hard-core esports players, do not miss this chance. After 3 months along with a good amount of money, you will get a chance to represent ROG in India as well as globally.

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