Spotify launches new format combining music and lyrics

The goal of this maneuver is, according to the streaming platform, to “allow songs and comments to coexist”. It should provide a similar experience, whether you listen to a journalist,… Read more

Ignite 2020: Increase in Azure advertisements, accelerating centralization

Following the first part devoted exclusively to new office automation, here are the key announcements on Azure during the previous Ignite conference. They are particularly numerous and diverse, with Microsoft… Read more

Price waltz and box 8 in the spotlight, but beware of the flow

SFR now offers only two fixed line packages, with box 7 or 8. A total of four options, with different options, speeds and prices. As is often the case, the… Read more

Amazon Web Services pinned down acquisition of an open source project without giving credit to its author

AWS on Thursday announced a new product called CloudWatch Synthetics Recorder. This is a Chrome extension to help developers create canaries, by recording actions (clicks and keystrokes) to create the… Read more

Mark Zuckerberg tries to focus on Apple and Tickcock

In an article in the Wall Street Journal, we learn how the founders of Facebook have slowly transformed into a political animal. He regularly communicates with Jared Kushner, son-in-law and… Read more

Ubisoft and Crytek reportedly stolen ransomware, Watch Dogs: Legion source code states that the attack was allegedly carried out by the Ager group. “The data allegedly taken from each company was released on Tuesday,” he says. The way hackers managed… Read more

€ 5.724 million for Amnesty France

“A new version of a 50-hour charity marathon around video game streaming to raise funds for the association” took place this weekend for the benefit of Amnesty France. After more… Read more

How the NSA built its offensive computer warfare unit

In a long (long) portrait dedicated to the NSA and US Cyber ​​Command boss General Paul Nakasone, Wired revealed that in two years, it authorized more cyber attacks than before.… Read more

A form and files available online

As expected, the document was released in various forms this Friday. Thus, the Ministry of Interior website has files in PDF, DOCX or FALC format, as well as a simple… Read more

Recap of good plans of the moment, week 43

This week, SFR renewed its fixed line offer with some (bad) surprises in store, while Orange is preparing to switch to Wi-Fi 6. The operator has also condemned the court’s… Read more