Wayback Machine Receives Relevant Information

On his blog, the Internet Archive claims the historical aspect of his work on his Wakeb machine, which, as a reminder, allows old pages to be re-sent to their original… Read more

November 03, 2020 edition

The battle between Apple and VirnetX has been going on for over ten years. The second alleges that the first to infringe its industrial assets, in the form of several… Read more

Recap of good plans of the moment, week 45

To receive our suggestions as soon as you post, you can subscribe to this RSS feed, follow our Twitter account and / or visit our dedicated site. As always, you… Read more

Iranian hackers access voter data

The announcement was made by US officials, as Reuters reported. “The FBI and CISA confirmed on Friday that ‘actors were successful in obtaining data from voters in at least one… Read more

Attitude of media fought fast in elections

Through various services “sponsored” often offer products sold in dropshipping, with ways to render them a little too “enthusiastic”. This practice is well known: selling products made in China very… Read more

November 02, 2020 edition

Three articles are in the crosshairs: the 21st of the text on mobile cameras worn by police, the 22nd on drone surveillance and finally the 24th “which seeks to prevent… Read more

How to Use Emotes in Roblox? Equip and Use Emotes on PC and Mobile Phones

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How to watch private Youtube video without permission or signing in

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Pubg Mobile Season 16 Release Date & Leaks

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How to get Minecraft PE on PC for free

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