Wave of disruption attacks, vigilant cybermal surveillance. Gouv.fr

The forum reported a series of attacks against “several French websites” yesterday afternoon. This analysis, we are told, emerges from a sudden and significant increase in the number of visitors… Read more

Facebook supervisory board is open, you can send your request

The social network states that you can enter it when “your content is removed from Facebook or Instagram and you have ended your call.” This initiative was launched a year… Read more

Zoom censorship is a phenomenon intended to arouse its censorship.

On October 23, a virtual program was to be organized by the University of San Francisco. It followed the cancellation of the former on 23 September. But it was also… Read more

October 26, 2020 edition

A French alternative to the technology of US data analytics giant Palantir to help France prevent potential terrorist attacks, it would take nearly two years for the development, Patrice Cane,… Read more

ANSSI publishes its 2020 Panorama of Cyberspace Professionals

“At a time when public and private structures require more IT security specialists than ever before, the latter is difficult to find,” ANSSI writes. That is why, and to support… Read more

After White Page, Yellow Pages bow in November

This is not a surprise as their ends were recorded in February 2019. The final White Pages directories were distributed at the end of 2019, while the end of the… Read more

French company Alan explains why she uses Amazon Web Services

While the question of hosting the Health Data Hub is coming to the surface again, Allen contributes as a response: “We often read that we should host data at all… Read more

Good plans of the moment

It actually happened at midnight that Amazon first closed its in-house promotion with a “flash sale”. Discounts will be posted regularly until Wednesday, October 14. If you want to get… Read more

Five Eyes, India and Japan are said to undergo end-to-end encryption

New attack on end-to-end encryption, which reminds users to ensure that a service provider cannot read their data. At least if it is implemented correctly. This ensures the confidentiality of… Read more

Let’s encrypt the fund building an HTTP back-end based on Hyper (Rust)

If we have read in recent times that the famous tool for requesting in many protocols is being rewritten with the language created by the Mozilla Foundation, it is not.… Read more