Home Technology Comparison Avast vs iolo: Detalied Comparison Between the Best Cleanup Software

Avast vs iolo: Detalied Comparison Between the Best Cleanup Software

Avast vs iolo: Detalied Comparison Between the Best Cleanup Software

Hey Readers! Want to go with the Cleanup Software to enhance the general performance of your PC and secure your data from Malware or virus attacks? There are two best Cleanup software options – Avast and iolo. But don’t know Which one to choose among Avast vs iolo? Don’t worry! Here, in this guide, we will do a detailed comparison between Avast vs iolo that will automatically help you to make a decision.

Purchasing a good PC protecting software is not so easy especially when you are doing it for the first time. Generally, people google to find the clean-up software they can purchase. However, you will get numerous options as a result. All of these options look quite similar. But it’s not true. All of these software works differently. Since it is a matter of your device safety, so we can’t pick anyone randomly. So it becomes necessary to deeply examine them and choose the best one that fulfills your needs. Here in this post, we will discuss the two very popular Software – Avast vs iolo.

Avast vs iolo

The best way to choose the best between the two is a neck-to-neck comparison based on various categories.

1) Performance:

Avast has very slow scanning and doesn’t detect new malware automatically. Whereas iolo scans the system very fast.

Our Result:

If you are afraid of both then you should go with iolo.

2) Privacy And Security:

The main aim behind the purchasing of cleanup software is to protect your system from spam, spyware, adware, and malware. Talking about the Avast, their security and protection promises lacks here. They do not have any anti-spam technology included with their main pricing, but they do fight against all the other major issues.

But with iolo, you may feel confident as iolo has specific tools that can target specific problems. Security is above all. In 2017, Avast faces the biggest Security breach. As a result of that, we saw the biggest downfall in terms of popularity. After that, it took a lot of time for the Company to earn their customers’ trust again. Now, Avast is among the top cleanup software.


There is no doubt that Avast continuously comes with new updates and is trying to add security and privacy features. But Currently, the best option that makes you worry-free is the iolo.

3) Pricing

Avast Antivirus provides both free and paid antivirus software. This software is compatible with many devices such as PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Besides a free package, it offers Avast Premium Security, Avast Omni as well as Avast Ultimate Security packages. Customers can test Avast Premium Security for free for 30 days without using a credit card. or for 60 days with a credit card

Avast Premium Security Packages:

  • one device: $39.99 for the first year, $69.99 thereafter
  • ten devices: $49.99 for the first year, $89.99 thereafter

To enhance more Security features, one can go with Avast Ultimate Security packages.  Avast Ultimate Security (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS) contains all the Avast Premium Security protection plus other features such as

  • Avast Secureline VPN
  • Avast Cleanup Premium
  •  designed to optimize PC
  • performance; and Avast AntiTrack

All these are the most essential features if you are owning a website.

Avast Ultimate Security Packages:

  • one device: $59.99 for the first year, $99.99 thereafter
  • ten devices: $69.99 for the first year, $119.99 thereafter

Avast Omni

Avast Omni is one of the helpful tools to secure and monitor all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network of a house. It is a basic Antivirus software and comes with Parental Control and kids protection for all desktop and mobile operating systems.

Avast Omni Pricing

Avast Omni is priced at $99.99 a year on a normal basis, but there are occasionally significant reductions.


Like Avast, iolo also comes with three different packages – iolo basic, iolo pro, and iolo Ultimate.

iolo Basic pricing:

The base Iolo System Mechanic (version 21, reviewed here) has a list price of $49.95 per year. But you won’t need to spend this much amount every time as iolo constantly runs discounts. Right now, Iolo System Mechanic was going for $14.98 per year.

iolo System Mechanic Pro:

iolo System Mechanic Pro bundles antivirus and data-protection tools. It will cost you $69.95-per-year.

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate:

iolo System Mechanic Ultimate contains all the basic features. Besides this, it adds the ByePass password manager and Malware Killer anti-malware tech. It will cost you around $79.95-per-year.


In the overall comparison of the prices of all the packages, it is clear that iolo puts less burden on your pocket as compared to Avast.

5) Customer Service

Customer Service is the most important factor that helps in deciding one out of two. Generally, people do not think about this factor while making purchases. But after a certain point of time, everyone needs assistance. So it’s important to consider this factor too.

Unfortunately, Both Avast and iolo disappoint their customers. You may see many iolo frustrating customers asking for help. There is a lack of communication in both. No doubt there is a way of troubleshooting where you get help without talking but that doesn’t work much. There is no way to talk to someone directly to the company.

There are many companies that provide a feature of phone and email to their customers.

6) Compatibility with Older Devices

Almost every cleanup software is compatible with all the new devices but what for the customers who are still using the older devices and have no sources to upgrade them?

The people who are using the old computers had to face lots of problems when there is a time to do the shopping for their system. It is great to say that both Avast and iolo works well with computers that can be five years or even older.

It is not wrong to give credit to Avast in this matter. It is not only compatible with all Windows devices but also a blessing for the consumers who are using non-Windows platforms.


Avast wins in this case.

7) Rating

Avast – 7.1/10

iolo – 6.5/10

Final Words

Well, this is all about Avast vs iolo. I hope you will find this post very helpful. Avast is the best software that is only compatible with Mac devices. Share it with your near and dear ones.

Thanks for reading!

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