Battlegrounds Mobile India ‘game-changing’ update is rolling out: See what’s new

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) developers, Krafton announces a new update for the month of May. Krafton claims this is a ‘game-changing update like no other’. The new update is rolling out to both Android and iOS devices. The BGMI 2.0 update comes with the official version of Livik, Core Circle mode, and other new features. Krafton is introducing this major update to celebrate BGMI’s first anniversary in May.

Android users can head to the Google Play Store and search for the game. You’ll find the update option there. For Apple users, head to the App Store and repeat the same process. This is the schedule for the update rollout.

Battlegrounds Mobile India gets a new update for May

Livik: Aftermath game mode

The new update comes with a new Livik: Aftermath mode which will be available until February 14, 2022. “The geography of the island has completely changed after the volcano eruption and the meltdown of the snow,” Krafton said in a press note.

Gamers will have to navigate treasure maps to reach special supplies and traverse from place to place by using an all-new zipline, players can also score goals on the newly added soccer pitch to earn more items.

Core Circle Mode

This new model was inspired by the popular Japanese animation – Evangelion, the Core Circle mode brings new skins, rewards, and progress-led bonuses for players to avail. The new mechanism of the mode can be experienced in Erangel and Livik, moreover, battles between EVA-01 and EVANGELION’s 6th Angel can be watched in Erangel. Players can access the theme through in-game discovery events and receive additional progress bonuses for participation after May 14th.

Supply stores

Players will also now find supply stores across the map in classic mode, where they can exchange looted coins with supply items.

“In fact, there are also revive objects strewn around in all theme modes which allow you to invoke back defeated teammates after they have been taken out,” Krafton added.

Krafton claims that the update brings many improvements to controls including enhanced haptic feedback, sponsor match feature support, and the like button being added to spectator mode for supporting more immersive gameplay. With the update 2.0 also celebrating BGMI’s much-awaited first anniversary, the game will feature a first-anniversary lobby with in-game items and a skin sale for players.

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