Battlegrounds Mobile India x Dune crossover brings new themed cosmetic items

Key Specifications

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India players can now win Dune-themed rewards.
  • The new crossover is live, and it will continue until November 11.
  • Players will get a Dune-themed pan and parachute
  • BGMI also has a Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration

Krafton- the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India announces a partnership with Denis Villeneuve’s latest sci-fi movie Dune. Under these collaborations, the players will get special Dune-theme rewards.

This Dune crossover will be live in the game till the second week of November and will take place in the game’s EvoGround mode.

Before this, Krafton announces its Diwali celebrations where Battlegrounds Mobile India players will get extra in-game credit while purchasing a credit bundle along with extra rewards from lucky spins.

BGMI and Dune crossover rewards

It is a great time to grab lots of rewards. Players need to complete in-game challenges in the EvoGround mode to unlock Dune-themed pan and parachute. EvoGround challenges and rewards are:

  • Play EvoGround 5 times – 50 RP
  • EvoGround 10 times – Dune pan unlocked for 3 days
  • Play EvoGround 20 times – Dune parachute unlocked permanently

Players by playing EvoGround mode can get 50 Royale Pass (RP) points. By playing EvoGround mode 10 and 20 times, gamers will get a chance to win Dune themed pan, and parachute.

The Dune pan will be unlocked for three days after playing EvoGround 10 times. As for the Dune parachute, it will be unlocked permanently after you play EvoGround 20 times. The crossover will continue in the game till November 11.

Further, the collaboration between Battlegrounds Mobile India and Godzilla vs. Kong movie — is active till November 16. This collaboration also gives players items based on the movie Godzilla vs. Kong. In the Titans: Last Stand mode, players team up with Godzilla and Kong to fight Mechagodzilla.

Moreover, Krafton announces that players will be given bonus UC — the in-game credit — when they purchase UC bundles. Players can obtain the Nether Aristo set, Pumpkin Cavalier set, Pumpkin Cavalier cover, Mecha Reaper set, Bonds of Blood set, and Mecha Bruiser set for a limited period.

There are also certain discounts on the lucky spins during this period. Battlegrounds Mobile India will also give its players Lucky Coins from lucky spins so they can purchase the cosmetic items from the in-game store.

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