Best Kodi Alternatives in 2021 – Watch Live TV, Free Movies, and Shows in HD

Undoubtedly Kodi is one of the best media software for watching movies, Live TV, TV shows, and much more but its complicated UI can annoy some users. If you are one of them then we are here with the compiled list of best Kodi alternatives 2021 which are compatible with different devices including PC, smartphones, and Firesticks.

Kodi is an open-source media software that supports third-party add-ons that enhance its popularity in several ways. But at the same time using and managing Kodi is tricky so many users search for its replacements. After observing the need for Kodi substitutes we did research a figured out the best media software for your streaming needs.

Without further ado let’s check out which media software gives the tough competition to Kodi in terms of UI, management, functionality, ease of use, and more.

Best Kodi alternatives 2021

Doesn’t matter why you are searching for a Kodi replacement, here we served you the best ones that will fulfill your proprieties. So have a look below to get a seamless streaming experience:

1) Stremio

Stremio worth putting at the top of the list of Kodi alternatives because of its amazing features. When compared with Kodi Stremio comes with an edge. Stremio offers high-quality video streaming, compatible with casting, and adds subtitles, and also alerts you about upcoming episodes and shows.

Like Kodi, there are several Stremio add-ons to get an enhanced streaming experience. Also, you can create your personal library with your favorite movies and shows.

Stremio supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

2) Media Portal

If you are willing to convert your PC into a media hub then our next recommendation is Media Portal. For windows users, Media Portal is one of the best Kodi alternatives that allow you to record live TV and play media files from your hard disk, Blu-rays, or DVDs.

One of the most notable features of Media Portal is its user-friendly interface and with ease of use, you can stream media, listen to music, radio, and much more via your PC. Also, you can add different addons to stream your desired content.

Media Portal only supports Windows.

3) Plex

Next media software that worth mentioning in the top Kodi alternatives in Plex that is perfect to play locally stored media on several devices including smartphones, set-top boxes, computers, Amazon Fire TV,1 and more, thanks to its client-server.

The Plex permits you to see and deal with your media through a multidimensional interface. It has a lot of channels that are like the additional items on Kodi and these channels permit you to stream distinctive substance.

Also, it can run even on low-fueled PCs. The product handles all the transcoding media for transmission to a few gadgets. This is the most mainstream on Kodi Alternatives.

Plex supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop); iOS, Android, Windows Phone (Mobile), Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation (Others)

4) Emby

In the event that you need parental control in your media player and it is the motivation behind why you are looking for a Kodi substitution, at that point Emby is the product that you should attempt. Emby is more like Plex rather than Kodi. Nonetheless, its worker customer model permits you to play media documents put away on the cloud just as on different workers.

Parental control is probably the greatest component of Emby. There are numerous applications accessible for Emby that can be utilized to upgrade the media watching experience. With its highlights and smooth interface, it is extraordinary compared to other Kodi options that you can use for streaming in 2021.

Emby supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop); iOS, Android, Windows Phone (Mobile), Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV, and more.

5) Popcorn Time

If you are a film and TV shows enthusiast, Popcorn Time is ideal for you.

Perhaps the best stage with a library greater than Netflix, Popcorn Time is an open-source BitTorrent customer, with an incorporated media player; mostly created as a free option in contrast to other video real-time locales that are membership-based.

Popcorn Time stands apart for the manner in which it sorts out substance, which is attractive and simple to explore. The landing page regularly offers the absolute most recent blockbusters which you can stream in HD at whatever point you need. There’s nearly all that you can request on Popcorn Time, thus you should simply introduce the application and get a few bites.

Popcorn Time supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android devices, Firestick, Chrome, and more.


My personal favorite is still Kodi because of thousands of addons and flexibility but lack of ease of use can decrease its craze for many of you. That’s why Kodi alternatives come into the picture. And here we explained the top Kodi alternatives 2021 for watching movies, Live TV, shows, and much more. So now it’s your turn to observe them and let us know which one is your favorite via the comment box.

Thank You!

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