Best Scary Roblox Games 2022 – Get a Horrifying Gaming experience

Wish to get a spine-chilling gaming experience? Keep reading and find out a list of the Best Scary Roblox Games to enjoy gaming like never before.

Roblox horror games will not scare you inside out but will take your gaming experience a notch higher. These games are not meant for faint-hearted players and you need to be daring enough to face the danger at every move. There are tons of Roblox horror games available which simply makes the choice difficult. But don’t you worry about the same as we’ve got you covered.

Here is mentioned the rundown of the Best Scary Roblox Games that you can try out in 2021. All of them include sheer creativity and offer a classic experience to gamers.

Without further ado, let’s get started!!

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List of Best Scary Roblox Games 2022

All set to trigger your gaming experience? Let’s dive into the list of the ultimate Roblox Horror Games that scare the daylights out of you.

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1. Alone in a Dark House

Let’s unfurl the list with the spookiest Roblox game to try out this year, namely, Alone in the Dark House. It puts you up with a maximum of 20 players. You will have to solve the puzzles and face the challenges that come along the way. you will be going to play the character of the private investigator who is trying to solve the murder mystery.

Uncover the secrets by delving into the scare and agony and find out the truth. Sounds interesting, right? It is a true classic on its own and you should not miss out on such a fantastic game.

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2. Roses

A game that will send a shiver down your spine within the first 5 minutes of playing it, Roses is something extraordinary. There are layers upon layers of depth to this madness. The detailing level of this Roblox game is impressive and will amaze you from time to time.

Counted amongst the Best Scary Roblox Games to try out in 2021, Roses assures you to keep coming to this horror fantasy with awesome details and great narrative. This surely feels more than a Roblox game and the immersion is never-ending. Keep in mind that Roses are not for the faint of heart and if you cannot handle surprises, then please stay away from this game.

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3. The Horror Elevator

Browse the Horror Elevator game on your desktop and get ready to enjoy a horror adventure every time you reach the next floor. This game offers a series of different horror games connected through an elevator. It will certainly give you a lot to discover in a game.

Every floor is loaded with different spine-chilling challenges and you can take on them in whatever way you feel like.

4. Nightmare Mine

Love zombies? Well, in that case, this game might be the best option for you. Nightmare Mine pits you against zombies at every turn and will give you the highest value of creeps. As a player, it is your duty to stop them from spreading and infecting the entire city. Are you ready to take this challenge?

This is not less than a classic zombie story that turns into a Roblox action-packed game beautifully. Add this to your collection and enjoy a sensational gaming experience on the go.

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5. Dead Silence

A recreation of the movie with the same name, Dead Silence is ideally created for scaring the hell out of you. This game involves a doll that can change the whole dynamics. You can play it with your two friends and have to solve the murder mystery.

Listed amongst the Best Scary Roblox Games 2021, this is the psychological thriller game in which you can win only if your brain is active enough.

6. Identify Fraud

Yet another interesting game that can give you an exciting and thrilling gaming experience is none other than Identify Fraud. This comes with three different levels and the major objective is to solve the puzzles to get to the end of the maze. Not convinced? Here is a catch!! Every level has a different monster to scare you inside out and this is what makes this game actually worth giving a try.

This quick-paced game is ideal for active players and will keep them on their toes while scaring the living crap out of them.

7. Light Bulb

Scared of darkness? Get ready to overcome this fear with the Light Bulb. This game surely feels tailor-made for you; all you have to do is run, hide, and turn on the lights to ensure safety. Simple, isn’t it? Well, here is a surprise for you. Your enemy will soon identify your objective and will attack you in different ways. Save yourself and turn the lights on whenever you get the chance.

8. The Mimic

The Mimic is one of the scariest Roblox horror games we’ve ever seen. The game is a horror adventure with single-player and multiplayer options. It is divided into segments. The Mimic is based on four different stories from Japanese history and urban legends, each with its own twist.

Each chapter, disguised as four distinct books, will transport you and your buddies to fascinating realms filled with very disturbing level designs, unexpected loud noises, and plenty of jumpscares. While you can play this Roblox horror game alone, if you don’t want to suffer, we recommend bringing a friend. If you want to play one of the most satisfying Roblox scary games, check it out.

9. The Maze

Fair warning: while playing this creepy Roblox, you may feel claustrophobic, which implies it’s working. As the title suggests, the game traps you in an underground maze that you must escape. You only have a torch with a limited battery and a camera for assistance.

The Maze is a Roblox horror game that can accommodate up to 12 people. So, if you’re afraid of doing it alone, bring a friend or two. Be cautious, though, since this never-ending maze contains creatures from unknown origins who are determined to hunt you down. Enjoy this Roblox team-based horror game.

10. Piggy

Players are let loose in one of 12 various areas and a total of 7 different game types to escape a horrific conclusion, which was inspired by the children’s TV show Peppa Pig.

Before each round begins, players can vote amongst themselves on which map and mode they want to play. To outwit Piggy, dodge traps, and survive a round, they’ll need to keep their wits about them while exploiting the environment and survival skills.

Piggy: Book 2 is also playable, and it acts as a type of sequel to the game, with more chapters and ‘Books’ to explore. Furthermore, there is an overall plot to discover and explore in the game. With the third Season having just completed, now is a fantastic opportunity to get in and familiarise yourself with the mechanics in preparation for any future upgrades.


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Hope you find the guide of the Best Scary Roblox Games informative. Pick any of them and enjoy an award-winning gaming experience. These guarantee to scare you to your bones and leave you with the desire for more. So, what keeps you waiting for now? Add them to your gaming collection and get ready to explore the eerie side.

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