Billy Porter’s Partner, Adam Smith, Is a Successful Businessman


“I was cruisin’ him as he walked up the street, and he stopped, and he was with us! […] I was like, ‘Oh, well, I’ll be sittin’ next to this handsome specimen tonight!'” Billy Porter described how he first met his partner, Adam Smith, in a previous interview with People. 

As the Tony Award-winning actor and one of the performers appearing on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve revealed, he and Adam had an instant connection — but it took them some time to figure out how to make things work. 

Billy Porter met his partner, Adam Smith, in February 2009.

Billy and Adam were first introduced to each other during a friendly get-together in February 2009. They hit it off immediately, and they continued to spend time together for about a year. 

“The first time we were dating, we were just, like, ‘hanging out,’ and all of a sudden, we realized, ‘Oh, it’s been seven months; that’s more than just hanging out!’ But because we weren’t conscious of it, it kind of imploded,” Billy told People

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Things ended abruptly between the Broadway veteran and the businessman. Although they broke up, they continued to be a part of each others’ lives. 

The ending of the relationship left both parties remorseful. However, they approached the prospect of rekindling the old flames with a degree of caution. 

“It had been marinating within me, my love for him and figuring it out and coming to terms with it, over the years […] So I knew that it was on me if I wanted to ever change anything, I would have to be the first one to approach the subject; so I was trying to figure out the right time to do it,” Adam told People. 

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In the end, they confessed their feelings for each other at Adam’s birthday celebration in 2015. 

“I love you, and I’ve always loved you, and if there’s any chance, I would like another shot — I would like us to have another shot at this,” Adam told Billy during the car ride to dinner.

Needless to add, Billy said yes. 

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Billy and Adam got married after a 16-day-long engagement.

The star of Pose, American Horror Story, and the like initially struggled to come up with a unique concept for the proposal. Eventually, he popped the question during a getaway to London. 

One night, they headed to a restaurant located on the 42nd floor of a skyscraper with two other friends. As Billy told People, he asked them to tell their meet-cute during dinner — which set the mood. 

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“I had planted the seed with [our friends] earlier in the evening, when I asked them to tell their story about how they met; they did, for me to be able to then tell our story and, at the end of it, I said, ‘And with that…’ and I pulled out the Cartier ring!” Billy told People. 

He and Adam tied the knot 16 days later. They have been happily married ever since. 


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