Building mental health resilience in children during the COVID-19 pandemic


It’s been a tough year, and experts say that it’s the right time to talk about it with yourself and your kids.

CLEVELAND — It’s been a rough year. 

Experts are warning that as changes continue to occur during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to talk with yourself, and your children, about mental health. 

One recent survey conducted by Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that two out of three parents say that the side effects of the pandemic on their children’s mental health could be long lasting. 

“Parents should take heart that kids have the ability to be incredibly resilient with the right support,” said Parker Huston, PhD, clinical director of On Our Sleeves®, the movement to transform children’s mental health, and pediatric psychologist for Big Lots Behavioral Health Services at Nationwide Children’s. 

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Dr. Houston says that navigating the holidays amid the Coronavirus pandemic will be difficult, especially for kids who are used to certain holiday traditions. 

“As they grow up, children are always changing, adapting to and learning new things. Of course, they do have their own expectations, routines and memories, so when they are told at this time of year that their holidays are going to be different, it can be difficult for them to accept, especially if they feel like they’re missing out on some of their favorite parts of the season.” 

That’s why Dr. Houston says that families should hold open and honest conversations about changes. The healthcare provider also says that getting creative to celebrate will be the savior of the holidays, this year. 

“As parents, I think it’s on us to be more creative this year, considering our kids’ favorite parts of this season and coming up with ways they can stay connected and active, even if some traditions need to change or be made new,” said Dr. Huston. “A cooking or baking lesson could be a great way to teach kids more about the family recipes they enjoy, and outdoor games can help keep everyone active and engaged with each other.”

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