Call Of Duty Mobile Season 1 is live now| Check here all the details.

 Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 New Order Launch with New Weapons FR .556 & SKS, New Modes like multiplayer, Battle Pass, New Map, and many more latest features.

Key Points:

  • Activision is planning to refresh the game with its upcoming season.
  • Instead of Season 14, this new season will be called Season 1.
  • The new season includes new game modes.

Call of Duty is the most popular mobile video game available on Android and iOS devices. Tencent Games have now released its first big update of the year, resetting the timer from Season 13 to Season 1.

Activision is releasing new weapons, a brand new map, adding a new BR mode called Blitz and class called Desperado, and a new operator skill called Gravity Vortex Gun. New Order got to launch at 4 pm PT on January 26

Call of Duty: Mobile begins anew with a packed Season of content, including a new original Multiplayer map and extended Multiplayer game modes.

Here are the details of what players can expect in the new season.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 Updates


The New Order has introduced two brand new weapons into the fold.

  • The first is the FR .556 burst rifle, which is modeled after the FAMAS from previous COD games.
  • The other weapon is the SKS marksman rifle, which was featured in Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone as a post-launch weapon.

SKS marksman rifle is not launched yet. There is speculation that it will launch till mid-February. However, there is no official announcement made yet.

Earn New Rewards in The New Order Battle Pass

New Order comes with a brand-new Battle Pass consisting 50 tiers of free and premium content. It includes new characters, new weapons, Blueprints, charms, and more.

New Map:

The biggest change is the introduction of a new map, called Reclaim. It is the mid-size map, where players will be able to take on enemies on the ground floor of the complex or on the upper floors.

New Multiplayer Modes: 3v3 Gunfight & 20-Player Attack of the Undead

New Order adds two favorite modes into the game – 3v3 Gunfight and 20-player Attack of the Undead.

Under the new 3v3 Gunfight mode, two teams of three players each will fight against each other in a Gunfight format, where each kill will provide the players with a new weapon to attack. And in the Attack of the Undead mode, 20 players will be put on a map filled with zombies.

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