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Clubhouse Now Lets Users Listen to Conversations on the Platform Without Log In

Clubhouse — the popular social audio chat app has become one of the most downloaded apps and even became a trendsetter during the pandemic. Clubhouse announces its latest update on Friday. The latest update now brings the Clubhouse web version that allows users to join conversations right on their web browser.

Now, anyone will be able to listen to conversations taking place on the platform through the Web. The experience is initially rolling out for Clubhouse users in the US and will work for both replays and live rooms with replays enabled. Separately, Clubhouse is bringing an option to let users share sessions they are attending on the app to any social media network or via a messaging app.

Clubhouse Web launch

If you want to join a conversation on Clubhouse, you need to open the app. That’s going to change with the Clubhouse web. For this, users don’t require a log-in ID to enter the on their web browser. Since the Clubhouse web is still a development in progress, users can expect bugs and a couple of glitches.

Although Clubhouse web is limited to the US for now, the company said it will roll out the support to other countries if people find the web version useful. The company also said it will support more room types and bring in more features to the app to the web version eventually.

It Announces New Features

It brings a couple of new features to the Clubhouse app. Now, when a user enters a guest room, they can tap on the Share button at the bottom of the page. Next, they can share the guest room link to a session on social media platforms or even on a messaging app.

When you’re sharing a guest room link on a social media platform, it will allow you to add a comment or a description of the same. On the other hand, if you’re sharing a live room or hosting a conversation, your followers will be notified of the same.

There is a Dedicated Share via… and Copy Link options appear once you tap the Share button in a room to let you share the particular conversation with a larger audience. There is also a Share on Clubhouse option that you can use to share the virtual room with your followers on the app

It is also launching Share and Clip counts at the bottom of the room to help creators with insights on how many times their rooms are being shared. It also brings a new Room Insights page where creators will get more insights into the future

The updated sharing experience on Clubhouse is starting to roll out to both Android and iOS users this week.

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