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100+ Catchy Comments for Boys Pic on Instagram

100+ Catchy Comments for Boys Pic on Instagram

Instagram is the best social media platform that is getting popular day by day. Teenage boys and girls are crazy about it. Today, people do lots of efforts to get lots of likes and comments on their pic. Girls get more comments as compared to boys. Well, anyone’s heart melts when it hears a nice compliment. It is completely normal to feel flattered after receiving some positive and cool compliments. But making Comments on Boys pic is not so easy. When we ask our friend for the best Comments for the Boys pic, he/she will tell you boring comments that might you had millions of times.

If you really want to impress a guy then Try out some of these 100+ best catchy Comments for Boys pic and really make his day!

One Word Comment For Boyfriend Pic On Instagram

No doubt, you will get thousands of ideas to comment on boys’ pic, but they are not so impressive. We have prepared a list of some good comments according to different categories. Scroll down and find the best comment fo

  1. Lovely
  2. Handsom
  3. Sweetheart
  4. Sweet
  5. Heartbeat
  6. Perfect
  7. Rocking
  8. Fire
  9. Hot
  10. Smart
  11. Naughty
  12. Generous
  13. Crazy
  14. Fearless
  15. Helpful
  16. Awesome
  17. Fearless
  18. Impressive
  19. Awwwww
  20. Gentleman
  21. Dashing
  22. Darling
  23. Rockstar
  24. Adorable
  25. Sizzling

Short and Sweet Comments for Boys on Instagram

  1. This picture is lit.
  2. Selfie king of the world
  3. You look strong and confident.
  4.  Girls will die for you
  5. That’s a killer pic
  6. Great! You should start modeling.
  7.  You look energetic
  8. Your smile…wow!
  9. You are incomparable!
  10. Your love is divine!
  11. How loving you are! I’m so lucky!
  12. You are so seductive!
  13. Your style is impeccable!
  14. Your humor is the best!
  15.  Amazing
  16. You are so romantic!
  17. Kindhearted.
  18. You are my cup of tea!
  19. The most talented!
  20. You inspire me!
  21.  You are a real gentleman!
  22. With you, I feel like a real lady!
  23. You are so impressive!
  24. Wow, you are the best at driving
  25. You are so handsome!
  26. My one and only…
  27. Cute!
  28. Handsome!
  29. You have a great smile.
  30. Million-dollar pic
  31. You are so creative
  32. You cook like no other!
  33. Boss!!
  34.  This picture is lit.
  35. Champion
  36. Hawt+ Cute
  37. Crazy Evil
  38. Studious (just kidding, don’t take it seriously)
  39. Your smile…wow!
  40. Loving!

Cute Instagram Comments for Boys

  1. Your charm is irresistible!!
  2. Personality!
  3. Superb look!
  4. Your love is divine!
  5. This suit is just stunning!
  6. You are so funny!
  7. How loving you are! I’m so lucky!
  8. Pretty good stuff hahaha!!
  9. Number one!!
  10. Always smart!
  11. Wow, you weren’t lying when you said you were hitting the gym!
  12. Fantastic!!
  13. Slaying!!
  14. Cute pie baby
  15. Crazy Evil!
  16. Oh! You are the best
  17. Mind-blowing pic
  18. Partner in crime.
  19. Nice picture
  20. Romance king
  21. Your charm is invincible!
  22. Your Eyes are never quiet and we know it.
  23. May you proceed to accomplish milestones in your life.
  24. Morning with the look of your cherished face is perpetually the best.
  25. And now I realized all the love songs I heard were about you.
  26. Watching your picture is a good morning for me.
  27. That smile of you make you look Babyish
  28. God bless you always. Stay blessed & make us smile like this.
  29. Fabulous! You should try modeling.
  30. My internet is breaking, don’t post Such Hot stuff.
  31. I was busy, and I saw your notification, well, I’m distracted now.
  32. The cuteness of your face and the innocence of your eyes makes the Perfect Combination.
  33. Powerful!!

Comments for Boy friend’s Pic on Instagram

  1. The photo is so warm. How are your hugs
  2. If anyone knew the conditions under which this photograph was taken. Thank you for this day, my love
  3. I love it when you use your big, strong arms to pick me up.
  4. Lucky someone with such a handsome man.
  5. Sorry, can I ask you out on a date?
  6. I would put a million likes here if I could
  7. I invite you on a date. Six in the evening. Wine and pizza. I’m waiting.
  8. The photographer is great, the talent is immediately felt. And I was lucky with the model.
  9. Moon of My Life – if you are both Game of Thrones fans
  10. You are under arrest for stealing my heart. We will discuss your punishment in person
  11. A photograph of my favorite place was taken by my loved one.
  12. I won’t forget this weekend
  13. The most beautiful smile
  14. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason why I wake up smiling in the morning.
  15. Giving you my heart is the best thing I ever could have done.
  16. Thinking of you makes my world full of smiles.
  17. You make me giggle when I don’t even want to smile.
  18. I want to make you feel like you’ve won the lottery.
  19. I’m gone mad behind you
  20. My heart is beating so fast!!

Flirty Comments for Boys Pic on Instagram

  1. A slayer who kills everyone through his looks
  2. We know more than anyone that your eyes are never quiet
  3. You are my sunshine
  4. Your facial expressions are just WOW
  5. Falling for you deeper than before!
  6. You are a beautiful Person
  7. Your picture made my morning Special
  8. Damn, this picture is amazing
  9. Forever Crush
  10. Rise and Shine
  11. Omg!! your look steals my heart
  12. Morning with the view of your precious face is always the best
  13. And suddenly I realized all the love songs were about you…
  14. Your smile is just precious…
  15. I’m officially dead
  16. You are breaking the internet
  17. Your happiness is the most important thing in the world
  18. Killer
  19. You shake my feed, dude!
  20. Is your name WiFi? Because I’m seeing a connection here.

Funny Comments for Boys Pic on Instagram

  1. Are you a keyboard? Because you’re my type.
  2. Give That Man Some Bacon
  4. Hello, 911. I need to report a #fire selfie.
  5. Hey, you’re cute. Can I have your number?
  6. I licked it, so it’s mine.
  7. I’m glad you’re just as weird as I am.
  8. I’m Phexy
  9. In case you didn’t know, I’m super in love with you.
  10. In pizza, we crust.
  11. Is that Ryan Reynolds?
  12. Let’s order pizza tonight.
  13. Love you more than French fries.
  14. Ma!! They’re Posting Weird Shit Again!
  15. Making this picture my phone background now.
  16. My hobbies include crushing on you.
  17. Nacho average human being.
  18. Oh, that’s a #look.
  19. OMG, Who the Hell Cares?
  20. Roses are red, I rate this post 10/10.
  21. Sending this selfie to NASA, because you’re a star.
  22. Probably going to steal that sweatshirt later.
  23. Talents: Taking pictures of my love.
  24. Thank You
  25. True Story
  26. Use promo code ‘KISSES’ to get one from me.
  27. WTF?
  28. You give me the same feeling as seeing my food at a restaurant.
  29. You’re the sole reason for my LOLs.
  30. Your style is your swag
  31. You have the brightest shining star
  32. Shinning Soul
  33. The classy shot looks so beautiful
  34. I can’t get my eyes off this pic
  35. You spread positive vibes.
  36. That’s Positive Vibes 100%
  37. Good Vibes Good You( ° ͜ʖ °)
  38. Impressive Looks
  39. Impressive Gesture
  40. Shinning Persona❤️❤️❤️
  41. Damn Smart
  42. Yes you are an all-rounder
  43. The hottest The Sexiest Man Alive!!!
  44. Especially your eyes speak volume
  45. You are seriously planning to kill your fans by posting such pics, don’t you!


Well, these are some impressive Comments that you must try on any guy’s picture. Your comment will definitely put a good impact on your friends. Which comment do you like the most? Share with us in the comments section below. Keep Sharing!

Thanks for reading!

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