Cy-Fair house fire displaces mom, 11 children early Wednesday


The fire was reported at a home in the Cy-Fair area early Wednesday morning.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A mother and several children lost their home near Jersey Village in an early-morning fire, firefighters said.

“We didn’t have time for anything. I started screaming get out. She started screaming get out, we started getting children out,” Catherine Modlies, a mother of 11, said.

The Cy-Fair Fire Department responded to the 6400 block of Pinewood Trace around 4 a.m. Wednesday. They found heavy flames shooting from the garage area of the home. The fire spread to the rest of the home’s roof.

Luckily, the family of 12 had just gotten home. The mother said she had just picked up one of her daughters from work and her kids helped her get everyone out safely.

“Thank God for their brothers and sisters. Because instead of them panicking they went straight to action. It was not if no butts. They went straight to action. we got everyone out,” Modlies said.

But losing everything is hard. Modlei said she just fled an abusive relationship in Louisiana three years ago.

“This was supposed to be our change. This was supposed to be better for me and my kids,” Modies said.

And even though they were only able to get out with the clothes on their back, they’re grateful they still have each other.

“I said I don’t care. I will sleep in the car. I got my kids. All 11 are still with me,” Modlies said.

The Red Cross responded to the scene to assist the family.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

To help the family, tap here.

A tragic house fire occurred December 23rd, 2020 around 3:00am with my mother and 10 of my siblings (ages ranging from 2 months old to 23 years old.) Our family has lost everything due to this fire 2 days before Christmas which has left our entire family devastated.


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