Daniel Cormier Boasts About His NFL Prowess – Tries to Impress Everyone on the UFC Plane

Daniel Cormier is one of the most decorated athletes to have ever set foot inside the octagon. The American fighter is an Olympian and won two belts in the UFC. He is among the very few fighters to have achieved that feat. 

Following his last fight against Stipe, Daniel announced his retirement. And that he would be shifting his focus on aspects such as coaching, analyst, and commentary. Daniel has done all of  the above previously while still fighting, however, now he is now committed to diverting his full attention to things outside the UFC 

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Daniel Cormier boasts about his athletic prowess 

Daniel Cormier was one of the commentators at UFC 254. On the flight back from Fight Island, Michael Chandler shared videos of Daniel Cormier joking around with other fighters on the plane. Chandler asks Cormier, “Hey who do people say you remind them of?” To which a playful Daniel Cormier replies saying, “A young Brett Favre”

On the latest episode of ‘DC’ and Helwani, Ariel confronted Daniel about his claims of a 47-yard field goal he made. ‘DC’ replied saying, “ Hey that’s true. Everybody is out of their mind cause they don’t buy into the athlete that is Daniel Cormier.

“Every media tour I did something fantastic. I threw a 50-yard touchdown pass at the Buffalo Bills training facility… At the Saint’s facility, I kicked a 47-yard field goal… once shot six for ten, three-point line at the Atlanta Hawks facility. And I also beat Stipe at hockey. There is nothing this guy can’t do.”

Cormier further went on to reveal that when he was at the Buffalo Bills facility, the coach told him that he reminded him of a young Brett Favre. A 50-yard touchdown pass that Cormier threw was reminiscent of the legendary Quarterback Brett Favre. The likes of Walt Harris and Michael Chandler did not believe the statement made by Daniel Cormier and resorted to a bit of banter. 

Daniel has always been an extremely jovial person who passes on that energy to everyone around him. It’s good to see that Daniel is still the same person that the fans have grown to know and love despite all the success in the world. 

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