Danny Pudi’s Interview With Larry King Has the Internet Slow Clapping


People love seeing celebrities act out of pocket. And no, not just when they have very public freakouts or go on tirades that are either politically incorrect or embarrassing (like shaving their head, saying some unsavory things mid performance, or eating a cheeseburger off of a floor). They also love it when a beloved celebrity throws shade during the middle of an interview. Like Danny Pudi’s response to Larry King when he was asked about a “luxury” he couldn’t live without.

TikTok is currently swooning over this response Danny Pudi gave to Larry King.

Longtime prominent journalist and interviewer Larry King has been on the receiving end of ire one more than a couple of occasions. Remember when Jerry Seinfeld spoke with Larry to discuss Bee Movie, and Larry asked him why Seinfeld was canceled? Yes, Jerry, billionaire comedian, despite his “clean” approach to joke-telling and stand-up, isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty so to speak and accost uncomfortable situations.

He clarified to Larry that no, Seinfeld was never canceled and it was in fact one of the most popular and viewer / critically acclaimed comedies on television. The show ended, it wasn’t “canceled,” and he was more than happy to make Larry feel a bit silly for not distinguishing between the two while live on air. If you’ve never seen the interview, you need to do yourself and watch this clip below.

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It’s a popular clip for a reason, mostly because of how quickly Jerry turns the entire situation into a stand-up bit. But there’s another out-of-nowhere-hilarious moment courtesy of Danny Pudi during an interview with Larry King that’s got TikTok in stitches, and it occurred when Larry asked Danny what’s one luxury he could live without.

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Danny immediately thinks of a good cup of coffee, and that doesn’t seem like a very satisfactory answer to Larry. He can’t believe that coffee would ever constitute as a luxury. The Community star then starts to talk about good, comfortable running socks, again, which doesn’t really seem to sit well with Larry, who dismisses the idea that coffee and socks could be considered a luxury.

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Danny, visibly exasperated, then asks Larry what kind of luxury he wants him to say and what he would consider a luxury, Larry then says, “Private plane.” Danny, without missing a beat says, “Larry, I’m on Ducktales.” Insinuating that even though he’s a successful actor, he’s not the kind of entertainer who could go around dropping money on private plane rides.

It had the entire internet in stitches and several TikTok users liked and shared the video over the social media platform. 

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