Details on Fan Favorite ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Ben Smith’s Mom


Every new season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, there is a fan favorite who viewers fall head over heels for. For Tayshia Adams’ season, Ben Smith seems to the be the one who is getting all the love, and we get it. He seems like a really sweet person, too, which is evident from how he talks about his mom and his sister. 

Ben Smith from ‘The Bachelorette’ is close to his mom.

The season has lived up to the hype that it’s “one of the most dramatic” because there was a global health crisis, the lead Bachelorette fell in love before the season was over, and she was re-casted to Tayshia. Now that she’s taken over, and she has a group of guys who are interested in getting to know her, one guy seems to stand out as one we need to watch. 

Ben Smith is 30 years old, and he’s starting to get a lot more screen time now. Whether or not Ben is the final rose recipient, his vulnerability and sweetness has gotten him a lot of fans from the public. 

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After he left active duty from his time in the Army, where he became a Ranger, due to breaking his back, he turned his interest into health, nutrition, and fitness. He’s has been open about struggling with an eating disorder and past suicide attempts, which he credits his sister with helping him get through.

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Through all his triumphs, struggles, and everything in between, he’s relied on the strength and love of his family. He has been sharing small snippets of information about his family on social media, before he was a contestant on The Bachelorette.  

We’ve learned that he’s close to his mom. He shared a post on May 14, 2017 giving thanks and a shoutout to his mom, along with a photo of him with his mom, dad, and sister.

“To the OG, I am the way I am because of you,” he wrote. “I love you with my whole heart, and just want to say thanks for putting up with all my bulls–t. I would have given up on me long ago, but I’m thankful that you stuck around. Love ya Ma.”

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Ben Smith’s sister is an important part of his life, too.

Not only is he close with his parents, but he has a sister who he’s got a close bond with as well. He’s shared details and photos with her several times on social media. On Oct. 6, 2019, he shared a cute snap with his sister, Madalyn, writing, “I love MY SISTER. Bless,” in the caption. 

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His sister works as a nurse and the two of them share photos on each of their social accounts of them working out together. She’s also given him many shout-outs on social media, telling everyone that she’s thankful to have him in her life, and that he’s her hero.

In a recent episode of The Bachelorette, Ben shared with Tayshia that he experienced mental health struggles and attempted suicide twice. Although his sister didn’t know it, she “saved my life, and so I owe her everything.”

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“She’s the best person I know, and she’s saved my life in more ways than one,” he said.

The current season of The Bachelorette starring Tayshia Adams will conclude on Dec. 22 at 8 p.m. ET. Ahead of the finale, The Bachelorette‘s regularly scheduled programming will changing slightly, airing an episode on Tuesday, Dec. 15 and Monday, Dec. 21, both also starting at 8 p.m. ET.


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