Did Brodie Lee Have Kids? Inside the Family That Survived Him


In the wake of his death, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has already announced plans to take care of Brodie’s whole family, and Brodie Jr. in particular. According to sports announcer Tony Schiavone, Brodie Jr. is already showing a passion for wrestling, and AEW has even signed him to a contract so that he can wrestle inside the organization if he chooses to do so. 

Brodie Jr. is only 8 years old right now, but once he turns 18, it seems he’ll have the option to follow in his dad’s footsteps if he wants to. 

“They have taken care of him. He follows guys around in the back and becomes part of us. He gets involved with the guys, sits in Gorilla position, comes out with the mask and does some crazy things. The roster loved Brodie and we are family,” Tony said. 


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