Did Netflix Remove Johnny Depp’s Movies on Purpose? People Think So!


In December 2020, fans in the United States suddenly realized that most of Depp’s movies were no longer available on Netflix. The one movie left featuring the actor is the animated film Rango, but that appears to be it. Another user on Twitter, however, pointed out that, for most movies, Netflix makes a deal with different film companies to host those movies for a set period of time. When the contract is up, the movie is removed.

With so many of Depp’s movies suddenly unavailable for streaming on the platform, however, it was a little suspicious from some fans’ points of view. Someone else noted that, in Argentina, they still have access to other Depp movies on Netflix. For now, however, the U.S. version of Netflix appears to have ended its deal with most of the companies associated with Depp’s other movies.


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