Did Taylor Swift Make Domestic Violence Hand Signal?


After an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live on December 14, Taylor Swift is now the subject of some concerning speculation. Many eagle-eyed fans are worried that Taylor Swift made a specific hand signal that people use to wordlessly communicate that they’re victims of domestic abuse. The signal uses four fingers which then fold in. It’s meant to be used if the victim doesn’t feel safe verbally communicating to another person (or people) that they’re in an unsafe situation and is seen as a cry for help.

The clip in question is about three minutes into the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, after he asked her about the hidden word “Woodvale” on her “Evermore” album cover. Taylor tells Jimmy that she came up with a fake album name to keep it a secret from everyone, mocked it up on the cover to see what it looked like, and that she and her team forgot to wipe it from the album cover. As she explains, it seems like she does hold up four fingers and folds them in.

Is Taylor Swift saying she’s a victim of domestic abuse?

While it might appear that Taylor Swift is making a motion that’s extremely similar to the domestic abuse signal, at this time, it does not seem like the “Evermore” singer is signaling for help. Taylor has never spoken about being abused by her current boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. While some fans may argue that the signal could be Taylor’s way of communicating a dangerous situation, it’s also important to not jump to any conclusions. Domestic violence is an extremely important matter, and should be treated seriously.

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Some fans are convinced it’s definitely the hand signal because it’s at the very same moment Taylor is talking about how she “coded” her album name.

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In many ways, social media has made people feel like they’re able to establish a closer connection to celebrities. Take for example, Britney Spears’s Instagram page, which has become grounds for amateur detective work. After posting a selfie one day, Britney fans stormed to the internet, claiming that they saw “9-1-1” spelled out underneath her eyelashes. (Britney’s situation is obviously different from Taylor’s, but it’s still damaging to make such alarming claims about another person’s life without knowing the full story, or simply assuming we know what’s going on.) 

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While Taylor loves to plant Easter eggs and hidden meanings (she admits it herself in this very interview), the sign for domestic abuse is seemingly not something Taylor did on purpose, and something so serious like this should also not be compared to throwing in a friend’s name into a song, referencing a previous relationship, or hiding the real name of her album. Let’s not treat this like a “clue,” since domestic abuse isn’t and should never be a form of entertainment. 


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