Does Halsey Have an Eating Disorder? Details on the Singer’s Struggles


After Halsey apologized for hurting others with her social media post, fans replied to the singer with words of comfort. One fan wrote, “Did you know that when Halsey posted the photo, she didn’t hurt anyone?  It helped those suffering from this disorder know that there is hope for a solution. And they will get better, do not forget that Halsey has feelings that you will not do anything that hurts you as you did.”

Another fan clapped back that while Halsey may have not had the intention to hurt or trigger others, it’s unfair to say that she didn’t hurt anyone. “Don’t say she didn’t hurt anyone, when you don’t have the right to speak for all the people that saw her story. Ppl struggling with eating disorders did not think of it as a “things will get better” but rather as a competition to get thinner,” another fan explained.


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