Does Jamie Luner Really Sing in ‘The Christmas High Note?’


Lifetime’s newest offering combines all of the best tropes from original TV holiday movies: a love story between two unsuspecting singletons that begins after one goes through a major breakup, a small-town event that propels the plot forward, and lots of carols. 

The Christmas High Note centers around voice coach Rachel (Jamie Luner), who gets burned by her longtime partner, Brad (William McNamara) just before the holidays.

Instead of harping on her split, Rachel decides to help a high schooler named Sophia (Madeline Grace) ahead of her solo at the annual Christmas pageant. While training Sophia, Rachel forges a connection with the teenager’s father, Michael (Johnny Messner).

Though her character has a knack for singing, viewers will likely be wondering if Jamie is actually the person behind the voice.

Does Jamie Luner really sing in The Christmas High Note?

Does Jamie Luner really sing?

While some viewers were first introduced to Jamie Luner when she began starring in Lifetime movies, the actress is best known for her roles in the sitcom Just the Ten of Us and in the popular primetime soap opera, Melrose Place. 

In addition to starring in The Christmas High Note, Jamie produced the film. Though her character, Rachel, is mainly assisting Sophia with her solo performance in “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” she has her own singing chops too.

Though some actors enlist the help of a vocalist for their singing moments in films, Jamie did sing for her role in the Lifetime original.

On her Instagram feed, ahead of The Christmas High Note premiere, Jamie asked her fans to send along questions. One user asked if Jamie was “singing in the film,” and the actress responded, “Yes,” along with a smiling face emoji and two clapping hands. 

She replied to another fan that she was singing “a little bit” in the movie.

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The holiday original isn’t the first time that the actress has played a musically-inclined character. The 49-year-old sang in Just the Ten of Us. Her character, Cindy Lubbock, joined a family band with her sisters called “The Lubbock Babes.”

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According to her IMDb page, Jamie has spoken about taking voice lessons and having a longtime love for singing.

“I’m very much of a vocalist and I loved the idea of being in a very intense scene and all of a sudden starting to sing,” she said, per IMDb.

On her official Instagram and Facebook pages, Jamie has posted several videos of her in the recording studio. 

It remains to be seen if Jamie herself will be singing much in The Christmas High Note, or if her character will largely be leaving the spotlight open for Sophia.

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