Does Rebecca Ferguson Sing in ‘The Greatest Showman’? Details!


Before The Greatest Showman, Hugh was known to sing in some of his movies. But when he was cast in the titular role of P.T. Barnum, many were still concerned about whether or not he had the talent to pull off the vocals. And he almost didn’t. Before he was set to showcase his singing ability for the movie, Hugh underwent a surgery on the inside of his nose. He wasn’t supposed to sing, or he could risk tearing the stitches and causing injury to his face.

So, while he at first had a stand-in for his vocals, he eventually let loose his own and, needless to say, people were wowed. It was decided that Hugh would sing his own lines in The Greatest Showman and in doing so, Wolverine proved there’s little he can’t do.

And, while Rebecca Ferguson doesn’t sing her own lines in the movie, she is still regarded as one of the top talents attached to the film. There’s a reason why people are still talking about her years after it was released.


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