Does YouTube Star Lance Stewart Have a Girlfriend?


Though Vine has been officially defunct since 2016, some of the app’s biggest stars have gone on to have successful internet careers. Lance Stewart aka Lance210 amassed five million followers on the short video platform prior to its demise, and he ultimately made a lucrative pivot to YouTube.

The 24-year-old now has more than six million subscribers on his Lance210 channel, and he has a similar follower count on Instagram.

Outside of vlogging, Lance has shared several exciting updates with regards to his personal life in 2020.

Does Lance Stewart have a girlfriend? He had a long term romance with Lizzy Wurst that came to an end in 2018. He’s been in a relationship with Julia Summer since at least January of 2020.

Lance Stewart proposed to his girlfriend, Julia Summer, in 2020.

Back in 2019, Lance first teased that he had a new girlfriend when he shared a photo with her (and his entire family) on Christmas Day. The mystery woman’s face was blocked in the photo, leading fans to flood the comment section with queries about who Lance was dating.

The YouTuber took to his channel the following month to formally introduce his lady love, Julia Summer, to his subscribers. 

After Julia joined her beau in his “Meet My Girlfriend” video, the two discussed the details of their relationship. The couple first met through mutual friends.

“Our very first few times of hanging out, it felt oddly comfortable,” Lance said in the video. “There was no weird tension. It just felt so like, ‘This was meant to be.'”

It turns out that their relationship was meant to be, as five months after they officially began dating, the two announced that they were engaged.

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The pair announced the details of their engagement in May of 2020 through a vlog video, naturally. Lance proposed on Julia’s birthday, but he had actually purchased the ring just two months after they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

He popped the question at home after a short prank. Julia said yes, and the two celebrated their one year anniversary toward the end of 2020.

Unlike his Christmas Day post in 2019, Lance shared a photo that showed Julia’s entire face in 2020.

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Lance previously dated fellow vlogger Lizzy Wurst.

Before Lance met Julia, he showcased his relationship with high school sweetheart, Lizzy Wurst, on Vine. Once Lance shifted to YouTube, he often vlogged with Lizzy as well. The two began dating in 2013, and they announced their split on YouTube in 2018.

In their breakup video, Lizzy and Lance shared that they had come to a “mutual agreement” to split.

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“There’s not a specific reason. It’s more so a build up of things over time,” Lance said, before adding that the two had been “bickering” for six months prior to their official breakup.

Since they parted ways, Lance and Lizzy have taken to their own YouTube platforms to continue to share the details of their respective lives.

Lizzy now has her own self-titled channel, which has more than 1.3 million subscribers. She has not been in a public relationship since she broke up with Lance.


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