First Case of Yellow Fungus Is Found In Ghaziabad

What a tragic situation? After the concerning Black and White fungus, another variant is found in Ghaziabad in the name of Yellow Fungus. This is horrific and heart-wrenching as a mind-boggling number of people is already suffering from this pandemic and now another variant is spreading its legs across the country.

According to the experts, the yellow fungus is more dangerous than the Black and White variant. the shocking incident took place on Monday when a person in Delhi’s NCR was diagnosed with a yellow fungus. The patient is currently under the consideration at ENT Surgeon Dr. Brij Pal Tyagi’s Hospital.

The Government has issued the guidelines along with the list of symptoms and precautionary measures in regards to the same. When it comes to the symptoms of the yellow fungus, a person feels lethargic, faces weight loss concerns, loses his appetite. subsequently, the more severe symptom of this variant is pus leakage, which reportedly takes hold of the healing process and gets slowed it down. It might result in failure of an organ and sunken eyes which eventually leads to necrosis.

As it begins internally, therefore, it is a fatal disease. A person requires immediate medical treatment to get rid of the same. Doctors are currently treating the yellow fungus with amphotericin b Injection which is an antifungal drug. Studies reveal that poor hygiene is the major reason for generating this variant. Too much humidity might also lead to this infection and promotes the boost of bacteria and fungus.

Everyone out there is advised to keep their surroundings clean and helps in spreading this new variant right there right now.



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