First Vacation With a Russian Girl: What to Expect & Tips to Relax

What’s so hard about it? To have a rest is not to work. The main thing is to get her suitcases to the airport without breaking your spine, and then it’s a matter of modern technology. But in fact, the first vacation together can turn into real hell. In a couple of weeks, you will learn as much about your Russian girlfriend as you would not have learned in a year of living together.

Travel Route

Problems can begin already at the stage of choosing a tour. Since everyone puts their own criteria into the concept of good rest, this also applies to Russian women for dating:

  • You want to surf, but she lies on the beach or near the pool and refuses to even move.
  • You just took a can of cold beer and lay down near the pool, and the girl is already dragging you to the next excursion.
  • You are used to traveling with a noisy company, but she stamps her feet and demands romance. And no friends within a kilometer radius.

In this case, you really should consult with the girl because if any snag happens, you will be guilty. You have not seen that it’s the rainy season in Thailand and instead of a swimsuit, she has to wear a raincoat. You will be to blame for choosing a bad hotel in which they do not twist swans out of towels and do not serve the lady coffee in bed. Definitely, it’s your fault if you invite a girl to a ski resort, and she gets a nervous tic at the very word “ski”.


It depends on how much you are willing to fork out, where you will go and how you will live there. If you choose a tour on a modest budget, you cannot hope that you will be served only lobsters in king shrimp sauce. This should be discussed in advance so that later, there would be no complaints on her part about the quality of rest. She should be aware of what she agrees to.

Are you ready to take on all the expenses? If you’re not ready, you’d better tell her about it right away. Because a young lady unprepared for such expenses turns into an evil monster, ready to bite your head off.

Usually, everything happens like this: you pay for tickets and hotel accommodation. And the girl spends her personal money on souvenirs, a wishlist, and shopping. But this is not certain because there are girls with overstated requirements, and there is a possibility that your credit card will be empty even at the beginning of the trip.

Vacation with Russian girl

Force Majeure Circumstances

It is clear that if you are not flying to Somalia, the danger of being captured by pirates tends to zero. But there are many other force majeure circumstances that you should be prepared for:


  • She stepped on a sea urchin, rubbed her foot with her sandal, or burned her face without a hat. And you will have to play ambulance and rush around pharmacies in search of medication.
  • You were offered a bad room. It is you, as a man, who will go to address and defend your rights.
  • You were walking around the city and got lost. The internet does not work, the girl is hysterical, and every five seconds asks “What should we do?” In the language of all women in the world, this means only one thing: “Come up with something urgently!” It is you who will have to explain yourself in sign language to the locals who do not speak English.
  • Missed the plane, and it waved a silver wing at you? You cannot panic, call your mom, or freak out. The problem will have to be solved. Find out when the next flight is, miraculously buy tickets, and manage not to yell at a girl who will definitely make you mad with her “I told you!”

What Else Should You Be Prepared for?

It came to packing. Bathing trunks, a pair of T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops — the man’s things fit comfortably in a backpack or a small bag. You are not going to have a fashion show by the pool every night, are you? For Russian girls, everything is different: for them, this is a great opportunity to walk in all their beautiful outfits, especially those that they have never worn before. Therefore, be prepared that there will be a lot of things, and suitcases too.

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