For Dave and Jenny Marrs, Farm Life Looks to Be Pure Happiness


Fans of the HGTV channel have been missing out on their two favorite stars, but there’s a new couple who is scooping up the accolades. Stars of Fixer to Fabulous have been gaining in popularity and getting to know them as people has been amazing. For Dave and Jenny Marrs, farm life has been everything they’ve ever wanted, and it shows in their design work. 

For Dave and Jenny Marrs, farm life has been everything they’ve hoped for.

If there was any formula that would point to the likeliness of an HGTV show doing well, this is one of them. The Fixer to Fabulous show hosted by Dave and Jenny Marrs follows similar format to Chip and Joanna Gaines, which used to be the network’s flagship show. It’s also very similar to Home Town, hosted by Erin and Ben Napier. 

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All three of these shows feature married couples who are adorable together and strong apart too. They play off each other’s strengths of renovations, building, staging, and knowing how to make a house feel like it’s a home. Often, they’re taking dilapidated and old homes and bringing them back to life with their tips and tricks for renovation and restoration. 

For Dave and Jenny, their show is located in their hometown of Bentonville, Ark., and since they live in the area (much like Waco, Texas for Chip and Joanna, and Laurel, Miss. for Erin and Ben) the couple gets to know the new family that’s looking to have a family home in the area. 

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Through the show, fans have been able to see the stunning farm the couple lives in with their five children. On Nov. 17, 2020, Dave and Jenny gave fans, viewers, and hosts of TODAY, Hoda and Jenna, a tour of their home in Arkansas. 

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It should come as no surprise that their farmhouse looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. It’s beautiful with every detail perfectly curated. Every color and color palate is nailed down correctly, and it’s easy to see their talent in home renovation and design by peeking at their space. 

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According to their interview on the show, their home was built in 1902, and one of the features of an older home like that is very small closets. According to Jenny, their farm home originally had small closets, but they had been completely renovated.

And as the interview starts, it looks like the couple are standing in their kitchen, but it’s actually their laundry room. It’s the size of a kitchen and it’s next-level gorgeous (of course, their real kitchen is even more impressive).    

The couple share several sneak peeks of their farm, both inside and out, on Instagram as well. Their staircase shelving is often shown on Jenny’s Instagram and it gets a lot of questions from fans curious on how they achieved in making the space useful. 

It’s so clear to see that their home is full of a lot of love, and talent, too. 

Episodes of Fixer to Fabulous air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.


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