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Four school subjects that will be taught in the future

Four school subjects that will be taught in the future

School should be a place to learn, thrive and grow for our children. Core school subjects are deep-rooted into the educational system and have been for a long time. However, is it now time for the education system to have a revamp and choose subjects that are relevant to future generations.

There have been significant changes in the subjects children are interested in. This change has left many unsatisfied with their lesson options at school and starting to seek new lessons to learn. Rather than children teaching themselves out of school, incorporating new subjects into their curriculum will significantly help their learning and development. Moreover, encourage dedicated learning as they will be engaged in their learning.

So, with this in mind. Here are four school subjects that should be taught in the future.


Coding is already in certain curriculums across the world. However, we predict this will become increasingly more common. Many companies have contributed to this vital education by providing equipment free for schools to use. VP of OKdo Richard Curtin says – “I really do feel like it’s important that OKdo and other technology companies around the world have an offer that takes children from primary school age. So let’s just say seven years old onwards through to secondary school, through to university, and then through to their onwards learning development and have an offer that meets all those requirements.”

Social skills

Communication and interpersonal skillsk are vital in a professional workplace. You must be able to effectively communicate with your colleagues or clients. This will help you get the most from your work and reap the rewards. What’s more, social skills are extremely useful when navigating everyday life. Ensuring children get armed with the skills to negotiate different situations is vital for confidence.

Life management 

Preparation for adult life is essential. Learning how to apply for a mortgage, pay your taxes and ensure your car are all skills that have to be taught by friends and family. If these were taught in school, children and young adults would be much more equipped to start university or start their careers.


With children growing up in our ever-evolving technological world there are more stresses and triggers to be aware of. Social media has triggered a wave of insecurities and mental health issues that can be difficult to cope with. Therefore, teaching mindfulness in schools will help children manage the external pressures that life may throw at them. Mindfulness exercises include deep breathing, yoga, journaling and grounding yourself.