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Free Fire Diwali 2021 celebrations: New modes, events, Diwali-themed rewards, and more

Free Fire is the most loved battle royale game. During this festival season, to make the game more interesting, the developers came up with Free Fire Diwali 2021 event. These Diwali events will offer the users several in-game items for free.

A few days ago, the developers introduced the Light Up Bermuda event, which has plenty of rewards, including a legendary gun skin, emote, and more up for grabs.

Those who participate in Diwali’s event will have a chance to win costumes, free emotes, In-game skins, bundles, and tons of other rewards.

Players have to complete several challenges in order to win in-game rewards. The Diwali events will continue till November 11. There are log-in rewards as well that one can obtain by logging in daily for seven days.

Free Fire Diwali 2021 rewards

The Diwali-themed rewards in Free Fire include emotes, backpack, glove wall skin, new weapons, and more. Here are the exclusive in-game items that players can win. The first category in the Diwali 2021 events section is the ‘Diwali Preparation’.

In this event, players need to collect ‘Chakri crackers from the map’. They can then redeem it for a Character Level 8 Card (only once), Character Level 4 Card (only once), Weapon Royale Voucher (up to 3 times), and Supply Crates (up to 99 times).

Players have to collect ‘Diyas’ from certain in-game missions which can then be redeemed to obtain a ‘Magic Cube’ for free.

Free Fire Diwali Event Calendar 2021

On the occasion of Diwali, the developers are holding a series of events:

Lone Wolf mode (from October 25th)

The new Lone Wolf mode will let players will battle against each other in a ‘knockout format’. Those who win the highest number of rounds will earn the title. The mode will be available both in 1v1 and duo

Charge the Portal to Come Home (from October 25th)

In this players will have to complete daily missions and reach a certain milestone to unlock rewards. Each different tier carries unique rewards including 4 Legendary gun skins and 5 pets.

Pick Your Diwali Hampers (begins October 29th)

In this event, players need to sign in every day for 7 days and get a chance to pick their preferred set of rewards.

Rang De Rangoli (from October 29th)

The Rang De Rangoli mode will let players unlock the Desi Gangster bundle.

Countdown to Diwali (from November 1st)

Countdown to Diwali event will reward players with a special surfboard called the Light Surfer.

Claim free Magic Cube (from November 4th)

Garena is giving away a free Magic Cube to all Free Fire players which can be used to redeem a Magic Cube bundle from the store.

 Diwali Party (from November 4th)

This event will bring on deck the new Greeting emote. Players will need to play the game for 60 minutes on November 4th.

After Party Gifts (from November 5th)

The players will get extra rewards in exchange for new in-game currency.

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