Free Robux Scam – Quick Tips to Avoid Robux Scammers

Scam on Roblox? Yes, you read correctly. Today, the most popular gaming platform “Roblox” is blasted with hackers and scammers. Anyone can create an account on Roblox easily( even without an email address) and upload their own games. As a result, thousands of people every day become the prey of such scammers.

Now the question that arises is that “Is there any way to avoid the Robux scam?”

Here, in this guide, we will discuss all the possible ways to Avoid Robux Scammers. But before this, let’s talk about how players become the target of these Scammers.

In the platform of Roblox, Robux is a digital currency. By utilizing this currency on Roblox the players can earn game passes, skins, and other items. More Roblox means more wealth.

That’s why people get attracted to the game labeled as Get Free Robux or the links that are sent by some random user. One thing you should keep in your mind that nothing comes free in this world.

Quick tips to Avoid Robux Scam

By uploading Games on Roblox

One of the best tricks for scammers to target their prey is by uploading games on the Roblox. Usually, these games are very simple and short. When you reach the end of the game. It will ask you the details like the username and password of your account in order to claim free Robux.

The main motive of such games is to get your Account information.

Remember Roblox never ask for your Username and Password. So never ever share your account details with anyone in the future. Be alert if someone messages you and ask for your personal details in exchange for free Robux even in the chat group.

Of course, it’s common-sense but small kids are not aware of this. In 2016, scammers use the method of messages for scamming.

Do not click on any suspicious links that offer you free Robux or send them by any stranger person. Such scams are called phishing scams.

Its damages include:

  • Lose of all Robux.
  • Your account may get terminate
  • Malware Infections.

These scams are very common. They usually target the new users as well as the users who have not made purchases on their accounts. Phished accounts are then added to the botnet so that the scammer can spread more scam.


Another way of scamming is Fearmongering. The scammer pretends as an official Roblox associate. He messages the user to prove that you are a rightful owner of this account and in case you fail, your account will get terminated.

In fear the user tells all the details of their account and caught in a trap. The scammers usually ask the victim to send the image of your password.

Note: Never ever do this mistake. Any associate never asks for your personal credentials

Through Friend Requests

The scammer may send you a friend request, his/her profile will force you to click on the link present there. This link offers you free Robux in exchange for Account information. This way, you become the target. Finally, your account will be used to scam other users.

Do not open any suspicious friend requests.

Fake Websites

There are many websites available on the Internet that looks real but they are fake and offer the users “Free Reward for Roblox”. In this way, they steal the login information of your account. Never do this mistake. all these sites are a fraud.

Via Advertisements

Scammers take the help of the advertisements that promise you to give Free Robux. Clicking on these advertisements will direct you to any YouTube channel or Phishing Site. So, don’t trust such advertisements.

What should I do if I see someone scamming?

Immediately tap on the Report Abuse buttons located throughout the site to report anyone who is scamming. It is a simple and best method to stop scamming in the future.

Enable Roblox+ on your device. Whenever you are directed to any phishing site, Roblox+ will immediately close all the tabs with the phishing URL.

If by mistake you share your password or other details with someone then immediately change your password, and enable 2-step verification for extra protection.

If a user has downloaded phishing software, they must uninstall the software immediately. Use a good Antivirus to scan your system.

You can even contact Roblox Support within 30 days to recover your Robux.


These are few tips to avoid Free Robux Scam. Always use authentic ways to get Robux. There are two ways- either purchase it or get a paid membership of the battle club. As scam cases are increasing, so it’s important to share these valuable tips with dear ones.

Thank you for reading!

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