Ghost Band Face Reveal: Every Member of Ghost Explained!

Ghost is a Swedish rock band based in 2006 in Linköping. Ghost has a passionate world fanbase because of its spectacular stage presence, haunting tunes, and enigmatic character. The id of the band members, masked underneath elaborate masks and robes, has been elementary to their mystique. The globe simply noticed a seismic occasion within the music business as Ghost’s face reveal marked a brand new chapter within the band’s historical past, leaving followers in amazement and astonishment.

Who Is Ghost Band?

Ghost is famous for its outlandish stage look. Seven of the group’s eight members, dubbed “Anonymous Ghouls,” costume in practically equivalent, face-covering outfits. Previous to the band’s 2017 lawsuit, lead singer Tobias Forge hid his id behind a collection of characters with the title “Papa Emeritus.”

Ghost Band

The determine, portrayed by Forge in a prosthetic masks and make-up, has been described as a “demonic anti-pope” and has gone via 5 incarnations: I, II, III, Nihil, and IV. Forge carried out a persona often known as “Cardinal Copia” for the band’s 2018 album Prequelle and related world live performance tour A Pale Tour Named Demise, who is alleged to be unrelated to the earlier Papa Emeritus identities.

Copia wears both cardinal robes or a black or white tuxedo; he additionally wears a prosthetic masks with black eye make-up and multi-colored eyes, that are attributes shared by all Papa characters. Copia was upgraded to the title of “Papa Emeritus IV”[5] on the closing present of A Pale Tour Named Demise in March 2020, a persona that Forge has continued to make use of for the album Impera and its companion live performance tour, Imperator.

Ghost Band Members

Members Description
Tobias Forge

lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion

Papa Nihil Saxophone
Megan X Thomas Bass guitar
Anonymous Ghoul Fireplace Lead guitar
Anonymous Ghoul Water Bass guitar
Anonymous Ghoul – Air/Wind Bass guitar
Anonymous Ghoul Earth Drum

Ghost Band Face Reveal

Previous to 2017, the members of Ghost had not publicly revealed their names, and the group’s 5 instrumentalists have been solely known as “Anonymous Ghouls.” Throughout signings, the Anonymous Ghouls stamp their very own alchemical image on the product, whereas Papa Emeritus indicators together with his stage identify or the letters “P.E.”

Tobias Forge, frontman of Swedish bands Subvision and Repugnant and former guitarist for Crashdet (underneath the alias Mary Goore within the latter two), was alleged to be attributed with songs as “A Ghoul Author” by the Swedish Performing Rights Society.

Tobias Forge

Tobias Forge

Papa Nihil

Papa Nihil

Megan X Thomas

Megan X Thomas

Anonymous Ghoul Fireplace

Nameless Ghoul Fire

Anonymous Ghoul Water

Nameless Ghoul Water

Anonymous Ghoul – Air/Wind

Nameless Ghoul - Air/Wind

Martin Persner of the Swedish band Magna Carta Cartel stated in a brief video clip in March 2017 that he was the rhythm guitarist, also called Omega, from 2009 to July 2016. This was the primary time somebody publicly recognized themselves as a Ghost member. A number of months earlier than Persner’s assertion, the band employed a brand new bassist, who was later confirmed by Forge to be Led Zeppelin bassist Megan Thomas. A lawsuit filed towards Forge in April 2017 on behalf of 4 former members disclosed their identities, in addition to the identities of a number of extra former members.

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