Home News Google announces new features to let users hear Search Results out loud

Google announces new features to let users hear Search Results out loud

Google announces new features to let users hear Search Results out loud

Google for India event that is hosted online, Google unveils lots of new features related to its applications including Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive. The most exciting feature is that it will let users hear Search results out loud.

This feature will make it easier for users who prefer consuming information by listening. This feature is meant mainly for listening to articles, blog posts, and short stories on the web. The best part is that it will read stuff in a natural-sounding voice and cadence. So people won’t have trouble listening to the audio for longer periods of time.

You can simply ask Google Assistant to read out the search results if you do not have the time to go through all the search results. This feature is useful especially if you are driving and require information related to something.

Google’s new feature is also useful for people who are blind or have issues with their eyesight.

How to Access this feature?

To use the feature, pull up an article or blog post on an Android phone and say either “Hey Google, read it,” or “Hey Google, read this page.” The text can be read aloud and translated into 42 languages, including Hindi and Spanish.

Google Other New Features

Another important feature that Google has announced is the ability to book Covid-19 vaccination using Google Search. Google Assistant-enabled, end-to-end vaccine booking flow will guide users through the process of booking a vaccination appointment on the COWIN website with voice guidance in English and eight Indian languages at each step.

Google has worked closely with COWIN to enable this integration, where even a relatively new internet user will now be able to easily book a vaccine appointment. This feature will be available in Chrome on Android and will begin rolling out in early 2022.

Moreover, Google also introduces several AI-related features. It adds more local languages and digital payments. Additionally, Google Pay launches an option of selecting Hinglish as a preferred language on Google Pay. Now, users will be able to navigate the app in the language of their preference.

Google Pay also launch speech-to-text, which allows users to use voice as an input to add account numbers into the app to initiate a payment.

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