Google is killing third-party call recording apps on Android starting May 11

In a bid to enhance security and privacy on Android, Google is taking stringent measures to prevent applications from offering call recording features to users. With Android 6 Marshmallow, the company kills the APIs that enables developers to build call recording features in their apps. Additionally, the company also blocks call recording functionality over the microphone. Now, as a final measure, the company is killing Android’s Accessibility APIs as well.

Google new Play Store policies will not permit any app to record calls remotely. Google has been pushing to stop call recording on Android for some time. The developer of ACR Phone, one of the apps that use the Accessibility API to provide call recording functionality for calls on Android phones, explains how the changes will be going to affect third-party call recording apps.

Google Play Store is removing all the Call recording apps

With the release of Android 10, Google blocks all applications (including call recording apps) from accessing the device’s microphone to record audio during calls. This is in order to protect user privacy and to comply with call recording laws across the world. Developers began to request the Accessibility API in order to continue offering call recording functionality on phones running Android 10 or later.

It is worth noting that in-built apps will not get affected by this change. This means that in-built call recording apps that are available as a part of custom skins offered by companies such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo will not get affected by this change.

After May 11, You will no longer be able to download Call Recording apps from Play Store

As far as the change is concerned, it remains uncertain how Google plans to implement this policy. Google hasn’t confirmed if it will simply block the phone or if it will ask the app developers to remove their apps from the Play Store when the date nears.

With the May 11 deadline approaching, users may soon have to resort to sideloading, or installing apps from third-party sources. However, using third party apps to continue recording calls on Android is a risky process. It may result in the installation of malicious modified applications downloaded from third-party websites on the Internet. Google is yet to specify whether existing call recording apps who continue to request the Accessibility API will remove from the play Store under the effect of new policy.

In a related news, the company is also planning to introduce a Self-Share feature on Android smartphones that will enable users to share files with their devices using the company’s Nearby Share feature without requiring explicitl permission each time.

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