GTA 6 to bring back Vice City and Liberty city, launch tipped for 2024

Key Specifications:

  • GTA 6 will arrive with a new larger map than GTA 5
  • The GTA 6 will arrive at 2024
  • The online mode will also get new modes including Cops ‘n Crooks

Rumors for the most popular Rockstar game, Grand Theft Auto 6 a.k.a GTA 6 have been surfacing for the last couple of years. However, nothing significant was revealed in previous leaks. The only rumor that stayed was the arrival of the Vice City map in the game. Now, a prominent Rockstar leaker named @matheusbr9895_ has revealed the possible story, map, and release date of the game. This has to be the most significant leak of the game so far.

GTA 6: Maps

The upcoming GTA title will have a larger map than GTA 5. It will come with Carcer City and will also have regions extending to the Vice City from the 2002 game GTA Vice City. For those who don’t know, Carcer City was previously seen in Rockstar’s Manhunt game.

GTA 6: Story

The GTA 6 will come with a new story, of course, and that could be set in Brazil. The story will be of twin siblings who get separated from their parents and get killed by a cartel in 2003. Now, in 2023 or 2024, the twin siblings meet but are on opposite sides. One of them becomes a DOA agent, which could be referenced and be a parody of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The other sibling, who’s a female, works for the cartel now that killed the siblings’ parents.

Release Date

it’s still a long time until we see the game in its full glory. And by that time, some more additions could be made. The GTA 6 is said to come out by 2024. All sounds great, but since the details aren’t confirmed by Rockstar, do take the information with a pinch of salt.

GTA 6: Online Updates

GTA Online is also getting improvements. The map of the online mode is said to be extended having Liberty City from the 2005 game. The online mode will also get new modes including Cops ‘n Crooks, where players will fight against antagonist Don Percival. In addition to the maps, the game will also get up to 20 new radio stations including Carcer Soul FM.

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