Here’s your chance to name the northern lights

See your name in lights.

Admirers of awe-inspiring auroras can now put a name to the dancing sky storms that cause the northern lights thanks to a tourism company in Europe.

While nature admirers from around the globe may not be able to travel to see the northern lights this year, they can claim a piece of sky from the light show, Visit Arctic Europe, a tourism organization, announced.

“The northern lights come in different colors and shapes. Some are very delicate, but still awe-inspiring, and some stronger, so strong in fact, that we decided to start giving them Nordic names,” reads a message posted to Visit Arctic Europe, a tourism board made up of partners in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Aurora season spans between late August through the end of April, when more than 100 auroras can be viewed. These light shows form when electrically charged particles from the sun touch down on the Earth’s atmosphere. As a result, auroral displays appear in stunning shades of yellow, green, blue and red.

And just like naming stars, anyone interested can now submit ideas for potential names, Travel and Leisure reported.

Aspiring aurora astronomers can share their ideas via the Naming Auroras website, and be ready to describe why an aurora borealis should be named after you, a loved one or a special someone who lights up your life.

Chosen names will be revealed on the Naming Auroras website and on This is Artic’s Instagram page.

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