How Did Meruem Die? Tragic End to a Complex Antagonist!

Few villains in anime and manga are as meticulously developed as Meruem, the principal antagonist of the acclaimed collection “Hunter x Hunter.” His transformation from a merciless king to a personality with complicated feelings and a profound feeling of progress enthralled onlookers. Nonetheless, Meruem’s eventual future marked a tragic and emotional second within the story. On this article, we discover the circumstances resulting in Meruem’s demise and the emotional influence it had on followers.

Who Is Meruem?

Meruem is launched within the Chimera Ant Arc because the Chimera Ant Queen’s strongest baby. Meruem is therefore often known as the King of Chimera Ants. Within the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime, he’s the primary adversary in the course of the Chimera Ant Arc.


He’s a hybrid species that’s nonetheless humanoid. Regardless of his look and conduct, he’s solely 40 days outdated, which corresponds to bugs slightly than human life cycles. Meruem’s character is generally nasty and proud, but he does have some redeeming qualities. He is additionally very smart and fast to study.

As his dying approaches on the finish of Meruem’s character arc, we get to witness his extra susceptible facet, in addition to his capability to simply accept defeat with appreciable dignity, making him a reasonably compelling enemy.

How Did Meruem Die?

Luckily for him, his guards discover him after the system goes off and deal with his accidents. He tries to recall the occasions however finally ends up fascinated by Gungi as a result of his partial amnesia.

Meruem had left Pitou to heal Komugi when she was injured earlier than to the Netero’s battle invitation. Pitou needed to make some alterations to the plan after Gon and Killua arrived. Killua and Palm maintain Komugi as a prisoner whereas Gon takes Pitou to “heal” Kite’s severely injured physique. Nonetheless, Killua ultimately abandons Komugi and Palm to seek out Gon.

When Meruem returns to the palace, one among his Royal Guards, Shaiapouf, makes an effort to assist Meruem neglect Komugi’s existence totally. Sadly, this doesn’t work out for him. He understands Pouf is preserving one thing from him and calls for to know what it’s. They started coughing up blood hastily.


It’s then proven that Netero’s ultimate assault was not in useless however had a objective. Poison was launched on account of the explosion. Youpi, the third Royal Guard, dies unknowingly. When Meruem inquires about Youpi’s dying, Ant Welfin informs the King that he had nothing to do with it. When Meruem discovers that Welfin was conscious of the key Pouf was preserving, he emits a lethal aura. Welfin, terrified, then says Komugi’s title. Meruem remembers all the things on account of this.

Meruem realizes that his time is operating out quickly after Pouf dies on account of the poison. His one and solely want is to be with Komugi. When he meets Palm, he just about begs her to accompany him to Komugi, regardless of the information that people are superior to his personal species. Palm lastly lets him go to Komugi after a lot deliberation and tears.

Once they ultimately meet, they plan to play Gungi. He introduces himself to her earlier than the sport. After some time, he watches Komugi crying and realizes that she doesn’t deserve the bliss she is experiencing in the intervening time. Meruem warns her in regards to the poison, saying that it’ll injury her as properly, and asks her to go away. Komugi, however, stays.

As the consequences start to take impact, Meruem informs Komugi that he will likely be taking a break and asks her to carry his hand. He then asks her whether or not she needs to stay by his facet, to which she says sure. Taking his title for the ultimate time, she bids him good evening, and after thanking her, Meruem dies in her arms, adopted by her, ensuing within the demise of one among anime’s biggest antagonists.

Who Killed Meruem?

Meruem was slain not directly by Isaac Netero, the Hunter Affiliation’s twelfth Chair. Previous to Meruem’s dying, the 2 had fought, with Meruem initially having the higher hand.

Meruem may as properly have gained and killed Netero if Netero had not proven self-sacrifice. As a substitute, Netero used drastic measures to win. Netero was carrying Rose Bomb parts inside his physique. Netero pierced his personal coronary heart to ignite the Rose Bomb and slay Meruem, demonstrating humanity’s tenacity and tenacious spirit.

Meruem was critically harm on the spot. He did, nevertheless, survive the assault on the time. As a result of the bomb was toxic, Meruem couldn’t survive in the long term.

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