How Did Tanjiro’s Dad Die in Demon Slayer?

Tanjiro Kamado, a personality within the dramatic and emotionally packed universe of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” has grabbed the hearts of followers all world wide.

Tanjiro’s path from poor charcoal service provider to demon slayer is one in every of heartbreak, fortitude, and the pursuit of justice.

Nevertheless, the tragic incident that put the wheels of his journey into motion – the dying of his father – lurks behind this distinctive younger man.

On this article, we are going to delve into the untold story of how Tanjiro’s father met his tragic finish and the way it in the end formed the future of our beloved protagonist.

How Did Tanjiro’s Dad Die?

Tanjuro Kamado, the household’s head, was bothered with an unknown extreme illness.

He died regardless of having a exceptional power that after allowed him to slay a bear along with his ax and the flexibility to do the Hinokami Kagura dance in frigid temperatures.

It’s unknown when he died, however on condition that his youngest son, Rokuta, was three years previous in the beginning of the story, Tanjuro almost definitely died when Rokuta was nonetheless a child.

The looks of Yoriichi Tsukiguni in a flashback led many to take a position that Yoriichi was Tanjiro’s father. Not solely did they each observe solar respiratory, however they had been additionally each photographed sporting Hanafuda earrings, implying a connection.

how did tanjiro's dad die

Because the story progressed, followers found that Yoriichi was born over a thousand years in the past and was the primary individual to make use of the sun-breathing method.

Tanjiro carried out the Hinokami Kagura in its entirety whereas seeing his ancestors. Sumiyoshi was so moved by this that he realized 12 of the 13 steps and practiced them lengthy after Yoriichi had left.

Yoriichi additionally gave Sumiyoshi his Hanafuda earrings as a thank-you for the hope and hospitality he obtained throughout a tough second in his life.

These earrings had been handed down by means of generations of Kamados, together with Tanjuro, who died and left them to his eldest son.

With little details about Tanjuro, many followers puzzled if he was a member of the Demon Slayer Corps himself.

All indications lean to the unfavourable. He did seem to share Tanjiro’s peculiar scar on his brow, implying that if he hadn’t been sick, he might very properly have gone on to grow to be a demon slayer.

Whereas Tanjiro thought the scar was brought on by spilled tea, it was really a rising demon slayer mark that grew to become extra seen as he gained energy.

Tanjuro handed on the ability of solar respiratory after studying the motions of the Hinokami Kagura after watching his father conduct the ritual dance for the Hearth God every new 12 months.

Even when he had no thought how essential it could grow to be for his son, he knew it was a household customized that had been handed down for many years.

How Does Tanjuro Proceed to Affect Tanjiro?

Tanjiro’s recollections of his father drive him to persevere within the face of the quite a few obstacles introduced on by his publicity to the demon world.

Tanjuro was a caring and loving man, as evidenced by his son’s reminiscences, and his demeanor displays this.

He’s exceedingly good to his family and friends, in addition to well mannered and respectful to his elders.

how did tanjiro's dad die

Apart from the Hinokami Kagura, probably the most deep attributes Tanjiro bought from his father is his unwillingness to stop.

Tanjuro’s illness foretold his demise, but he refused to surrender on life or his household. He spent each accessible second along with his spouse and youngsters, main by instance and laying a strong foundation for his or her future.

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He had no method of understanding what awaited them after his dying, or that almost all of them would be a part of him far too quickly within the hereafter.

His character power saved his eldest son robust, even after Tanjiro’s complete world was shattered.

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