How to Bypass Google Verification on Android (Quick Ways)

Looking for a fast and secure way to Bypass Google Verification? Well, your search ends here as we have come up with an effective solution to skip the Google verification process on the go.

Google Verification, also known as Factory Reset Protection (FRP) protocol is mainly introduced to combat fraudulent activities in the case your smartphone gets stolen. However, this has become the greatest nightmare for plenty of Android users. This verification process creates a major problem when a user forgets about his Google credentials and doesn’t allow him to access the phone anyhow.

But, there is a loophole to everything and it is no exception. If you get stuck into any such unfortunate situation and searching for quick ways to Bypass Google Verification, then you are in luck. Scroll down the page and find out a detailed description of the  Factory Reset Protection along with the easy guide to avoid this process on Android smartphones without creating a hassle.

Let’s get started!!

What is Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

FRP Lock was first introduced for the Android 5.1 version. This is done to ensure that only authentic users can access and factory reset their smartphones. Thanks to this verification process, the phone becomes highly secure and unavailable to any unauthentic person who either finds your smartphone somewhere or has stolen the same.

However, with time, this has become a big hassle for Android users, especially for those who get locked out of their phones because they forget their original ID and password. One cannot access the Android phone if he or she doesn’t have the credentials of a Google Account.

While trying the same, they will get a “This device was reset. Continue to sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device message on the screen. It simply means that your device is of no use until and unless you don’t know about the account credentials.

How to Disable FRP To Bypass Google Verification?

FRP gets automatically enabled whenever you sign in to the device by using your Google Account to Bypass Google Verification, you first need to disable the same so that you will not face any such situation in the future. To carry out this process, follow the step-by-step procedure given here.

  • First of all, go to the Settings tab and tap on the Cloud and Accounts (given as Accounts in certain brands).
  • Secondly, you need to select the Accounts section and navigate to your Google Account.
  • There, you will locate an option of Remove Account. Tap on the same and move to the next step.
  • In the next step, users are required to verify that they surely wish to remove their account. For this, click on the ‘I Agree’ button.

keep in mind the fact that this method can just disable or remove the Factory Reset Protection lock from your device so that you will not encounter any such trouble later on. But, it cannot Bypass Google Verification process if you are already locked out of your device.

Steps to Bypass Google Verification On Samsung Devices

Looking to skip the FRP lock on the Samsung devices? Implement the procedure given below and unlock your phone on the go.

  • Perform a factory reset on the phone and wait until the device reboots.
  • Connect your Samsung device to a Wi-Fi network.
  • A screen asking your Google Account will get prompted.
  • Click on the field where you have to enter the credentials and tap & hold the @ character until the Settings menu pops up.
  • Now, choose the Google Keyboard Settings and click on the three-dots.
  • Choose the Help & Feedback tab and pick any option on the list.
  • Go to the Help section and tap on using Google Keyboard.
  • Click on the Websearch in the upper-right corner and Enter Settings in the search field.
  • Find the ‘About Phone’ tab and click the same.
  • Now enable the Developer options by tapping 7 times on the Build Number.
  • Select OEM Unlocking in the Developer Options and tap Back 2 times.
  • Get the device restarted and connect to the Wi-Fi network again.
  • You will be then asked to add a new Google Account.
  • Add a new account and your phone is now ready to use.

The Final Thought

This is how you can successfully Bypass Google Verification process. Hope you find this guide helpful and informational. Just follow the procedure step by step and get over the problem with much ease and comfort.

For more information, feel free to reach us at any time and we would love to assist you in the hour of need.

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