Home gaming Fortnite How to do Sensitivity Settings in Fortnite on PC: Complete guide

How to do Sensitivity Settings in Fortnite on PC: Complete guide

How to do Sensitivity Settings in Fortnite on PC: Complete guide

Fortnite Battle Royale (commonly known as Fortnite) was released in the year 2017. It has caught the eyes of the gamers across the globe and hence is topping almost every chart. The game can be played on PlayStations, XBOX series. Fortnite on PC is also available.

Though, to master Fortnite on PC, you need to learn and know some tips and tricks.

Do you want to be unbeatable in the game ?

Do you wish to improve your aim in the game for the  best shots ?

To do so, read the article furthermore.

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Why do we need Sensitivity in Fortnite on PC ?

The right sensitivity will help you hit more shotgun shots. Whereas the wrong sensitivity can hold you back from ever reaching your true potential.

Sensitivity settings in Fornite on PC

To start off, we will first know and learn about the MOUSE SENSITIVITY SETTINGS.

1. Mouse Sensitivity Settings

A mouse that has DPI settings should be tuned to 800 or 400-450.

We found the lower you go, the more control you’ll have. It’s something that you’ll get used to over time and with practice.

Otherwise, if you’re using a bog standard mouse then don’t worry about all this. Instead, focus on the next step below.

Type ‘mouse settings’ in your computer’s search bar and click on the first result.

Select ‘additional mouse options’ in the top right and it’ll take you to another screen.

Click the ‘pointer options’ tab and uncheck the ‘enhance pointer precision’ box.

This ensures Windows isn’t skewing your aim with unnecessary background nonsense.

In-game Sensitivity Settings

You’ll find a whole host of mouse, controller and gamepad sensitivity bars to toy around with in the settings menu. For PC, we’re focused on all the mouse related stuff of course.

  • Mouse Sensitivity – Governs your turn and aim speed when you aren’t scoped in. By default this is set far too high, so put it down all the way to between 0.03 – 0.5. This might seem very low but it works a treat.
  • Mouse ADS Sensitivity – This is your sensitivity when aiming down sights. We have this around the 0.40 – 0.50 mark as it provides a decent amount of control during firefights. Any higher and your mouse will start flitting around the screen during heated battles.
  • Mouse Scope Sensitivity – Your sensitivity when zoomed in with a sniper or scoped rifle. We like this a little higher than ADS, as you may be swiping across the screen more when focusing on a distant target.

Pro-tip: If you swipe your mouse across your mouse pad and your character does a full 360 degree turn in the process, this is a nice sign that you’re on the right track.

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2. X and Y axis : Fortnite on PC

The players are allowed to set their X and Y axis mouse sensitivities separately. When the game originally released, Y axis sensitivity was automatically 75 percent of what the X sensitivity was. But with the vertical building becoming more and more important in the game, players are allowed to adjust each.

Your X sensitivity sets the speed of your camera when moving your mouse in the horizontal axis. Basically when you’re looking left and right.

Your Y sensitivity sets the speed of your camera when moving your mouse in the vertical axis. Basically when you’re looking up and down.

3. Mouse Aim Sensitivity

This is also known as “aim down scope” or ADS and is perhaps the most important sensitivity setting in the game.

Many players and pros use a 1.0 setting for their ADS sensitivity. This means that their ADS sensitivity is identical to their normal sensitivity, which is a function of a players’ DPI, eDPI, and Windows settings.

Many players at the highest levels of professional play deviate from using 1.0, however, and choose instead to have a setting between 0.3-0.7. This means that top pro players prefer to have slightly less sensitivity once they ADS.

The ideology here is that building requires quick flicks of the wrist at times. But once it’s time to go in for the elimination, it’s more important to have a lower sensitivity and steady hand.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to figure out where they’d like to keep their Mouse Targeting Sensitivity. For a more casual player, 1.0 might do the trick, but if you’re looking to be highly competitive, finding your personal sweet spot at a lower setting will help you get more eliminations.


There are many minute settings that need to be done while playing Fortnite on PC. If you manage to do so, you can ace the game in like no time.

Honestly, there is no such thing called the best sensitivity. It works differently for different individuals. However, we have highlighted some of the common settings that one can make while playing.

A good general rule for your sensitivity is that you should be able to do a full 360 degree turn when moving your mouse from one side of your mouse pad to the other.

You should be able to easily turn 180 degrees by clicking your mouse to the left and to the right. Because you will often need to turn around quickly in Fortnite when building or in combat.

These are good rules and you should follow them.

Hopefully this guide could be of some help to you.

Enjoy playing!

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