How to Get a Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters

Looking to get a Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters but not sure where to start from? Keep scrolling the page and find out secret tips and tricks to unlock the Shiny Hero in no time.

Anime Fighter is the latest fighter simulator game added in Roblox recently and has immediately gained huge popularity among players worldwide. It gives them an opportunity to recruit a whole team of popular anime characters to fight the obtrusive bosses. In this game, the team’s power rests in the rarity of their heroes and characters.

Among all of them, shiny heroes are the most powerful ones and are equally hardest to get. Unlocking them is not as simple as it seems to be as it requires lots of tips and tricks. Here, in this guide, we’ll be going to mention the different ways in which you can get this hero to your team and win all the battles with much ease and comfort.

Let’s get started!!

What is Roblox Anime Fighter Simulator?

Before jumping to the process of getting Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters, let’s just figure out this new game in a bit more detail. Owned by BlockZone Studio and created by MarmDev, this is a sort of training game inspired by some of the popular anime shows. This trains your mind and body to be the strongest fighter. Roblox Anime Fighter Simulator was released on 4 October 2019. In this game, players need to unlock the rarest characters and add them to their army to fight the battle.

A Quick Process to Get a Shiny Hero In Roblox Anime Fighters

One can easily hatch eggs at star podiums for 10,000 yen each and these eggs will then be one of the six hero characters at the following drop rates:

  • Common: 43%
  • Common: 43%
  • Rare: 10%
  • Epic: 2.1%
  • Legendary: 0.43%
  • Mythical: 0.021%

Irrespective of the rarity, the chances to unlock the Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters remain 0.5%. This simply means that players need to hatch around 200 eggs to get one Shiny Hero character in their team. However, hatching 200 eggs is not a cakewalk as it costs you near about 2,000,000 yen.

Now, spending this massive amount is a challenging task, and not every player can afford the same. But don’t you worry about it as there are several other ways to find an opportunity. Keep reading and find out how you can increase your chances to get the Shiny Hero.

Increase Your Chances to get a Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters

Wish to add a Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters to your team without breaking the bank? Well, in that case, there is only one solution to go for. You need to increase your luck to fetch this powerful character. Now, this can be done in two ways. Players can either buy a game pass luck at the in-game shop or make use of the following free codes.

List of Game Pass Luck to Buy From In-Game Shop

  • Lucky: 99 robux
  • Super Lucky: 699 robux
  • Ultra Lucky: 1,999 robux

List of Free Game Codes

  • Lucky30k
  • Sulley100k
  • ChuggaChugga

By using these three codes, you can simply increase your luck for about 20 minutes. You can then hatch as many eggs as possible to get the Shiny hero character sooner.

Roblox Anime Fighter Simulator Codes

Since now you are aware of the fact that fetching power characters in the Roblox Anime Fighter Simulator Game is pricey and only codes can help you out, therefore, check out the list of effective codes that are still working.

Here, is the list of Roblox Anime Fighter Simulator Codes. Take a look!!

  • gggames50k
  • thankseveryonefor1mlikeweloveyou
  • kelvin600k
  • secretrazorfishcode
  • Elemperadorinlive
  • Mrrhino50k
  • medtw50k
  • Defildpromo
  • vexostream
  • subtofrangoforchikara
  • elemperador100k!
  • bigboi100k
  • anotherbugfix
  • sub2kelvin
  • thanksbugfixes
  • 5000chikara
  • Subtodefildplay
  • Defildstream
  • NNG
  • sub2hakimbo
  • emperadorsubs
  • GGgames40k
  • lastyearcode750k
  • defild700k
  • Tigre200k
  • sub2emperadormaxi
  • defild
  • n1colas2sub
  • tigretvsub
  • tigretv2sub
  • subfrango
  • subn1colas
  • L3NI
  • Sub2tanqr
  • sub2tplanetmilo
  • subemperadormaxi
  • frango2yen
  • Defildyen
  • fav75subtomrrhino
  • sub2razorfishgaming
  • subtokelvingts
  • tigrehaveyen

You can use these free codes to make your team more powerful in the game. All of them are still working and can be fetched without costing anything.

The Final Note

So, there you have the complete information about how to get a Shiny Hero In Roblox Anime Fighters. Hope you find it informational!! Use this guide to unlock this strong and all-time powerful anime character and add some more thrill and fun to the game. To know more about secret tricks and working codes, keep visiting this page.

Happy Gaming!!

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