How to take care of your taxidermy mount to ensure it lasts a lifetime

Bringing home a fresh trophy after a successful hunting trip is an experience like no other – the sense of accomplishment after finally getting it where you want it, or hanging it on the wall, and standing back to admire it: the sudden and overwhelming recall of past events.

However, when some time has passed, you realise that you will spend the rest of your life maintaining this prized possession. The significance of a trophy will lessen over time if it is allowed to gather dust and be neglected.

If you want your trophies to appear as good as new for decades to come, we’ve created a brief list of straightforward, practical procedures that will help you do just that.

Dust your trophy every week

All you need is a feather duster or a soft, dry rag, and you can easily dust your trophy mounting from top to bottom, inside and out, in addition to the beautiful natural setting. Take a few minutes once a week to keep the dust and filth from building up from normal, everyday use. In the grand scheme of things, this is quite important.

Give the trophy a proper clean once a year

Use a moist (not drenched) rag to wipe down your mount in the direction of the hair, whether it be short or long. After cleaning a trophy with long hair, fluff it with compressed air, a shop vac, or a hair dryer on the cool setting.

We recommend utilising compressed air to clear dust out of any inaccessible crevices in the habitat’s hard surfaces, such as rocks and driftwood, to keep things looking their best on your trophy mounting. For this, care must be taken to avoid disturbing the delicate grasses and flowers that make up the landscape.

Regularly clean the special features

Antlers and horns can be kept in good condition by wiping them down with water on a regular basis. If your trophy has glass eyes, you may make them glisten like new with a Q-tip and some common household glass cleaning solution.

The nose, like the fur, can be cleaned by simply wiping it. A clear sealant (like as Mod Podge) can be used to restore the genuine, moist look of a nose that has been damaged or faded.

Keep your mount out of direct sunlight

Temperature and humidity swings can be hazardous to your treasures and a pain to deal with. Avoid putting them in places like attics or basements where the temperature fluctuates wildly. Keep your trophies out of the sun, as the UV rays will fade the colour of a mount over time.

Don’t use chemical-based cleaners and avoid smoke

Household cleansers (like as Pledge) contain hazardous chemicals and will leave an oily film on your mount. Keep your trophy away from any open flames, such as those produced by wood stoves or fireplaces. Furthermore, remember that the smoke from cigarettes and cigars can damage your trophy.


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